The Best In-flight travel essentials

The start of the holidays is also the start of the big travel season! I love traveling. I love going somewhere new, seeing new things, and just honestly shutting my phone off for a few hours. I also really love the idea of leaning back, watching a movie, and ordering snacks delivered to my seat. I really live it up if you can’t tell.

So what should you bring to keep you cozy on the plane ride? Great question. Here are a few essentials I typically love to pack, the 2016 edition!

Top 5 Must Haves:

  1. First and foremost, I’ve learned that noise canceling headphones are essential! My favorite brand is Bose. They are super comfortable to wear and blocks out noise.
  2. Eye masks and a blanket. As I got older, I realize how very helpful these two things are to ensure a nice, peaceful rest during a flight. I freeze on a plane so a blanket is definitely a necessity, and an eye mask makes a HUGE difference in blocking light. I found this set from Ugg that’s really cute and comfy.
  3. Next, bring hand sanitizer wipes. It is a little tip to avoid getting sick. I watched Eva Chen wipe down the whole chair and armrest with hand sanitizer. Brilliant idea, maybe a little extreme, but brilliant. These from babyganics are alcohol-free.
  4. Snacks. Just in case the in-flight menu is not up to par with your standards, it’s always a good idea to have a few snack on hand. I love these GoMacro granola bars.
  5. Lastly, a great book or magazine for those times you need a break from the movies. I bring my kindle fire with me that holds a plethora of options from my favorite magazines to books. Plus it has games like sudoku and solitaire.

More in-flight options


Let me know in the comments below what you like to bring on the plane! What are your favorite travel essentials?

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  1. I love all your advice and pretty much bring the same items 🙂 Headphones and hand sanitizer definitively is a most.
    I also can not bring snacks 🙂 It’s so expensive on the plane and I always get angryhungry if I don’t eat.
    I also like bringing face creams and testers from Sephora, so I don’t need to bring my full products on the plane.


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