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Welcome to my shop!

Here you will find the pieces I am currently wearing, loving, or on my wish list. I know it is hard at times to figure out what to invest in monthly. What staple closet pieces to buy, what trendy accessories or tops to add, and what beauty products to stock up on. Which is why I created this online shop. It is here to help consciously build up your closet while staying on budget, on trend, and create a wardrobe that will last over time.

Speaking of which, if you have a wardrobe budget then this is the perfect tool to use! Every month I will include new products that I am personally investing in or using. Occasionally, I’ll have a couple pieces I am eyeing but are still budget friendly. I try to keep all products under $250 (a plenty options much less than that!) and make sure they are all practical must-have pieces.

September’s Wish List

Here are September’s closet and beauty essentials. Loaded with fall inspired must-haves. Click the image you are interested in to learn more information and shop! Please feel free to share with friends and family members who also are interested!