Doré Fashion Presentation

I am still dreaming about all the designs and clothes I saw during New York Fashion Week. One of the most incredible presentation was the ever so flirtatious yet elegant designer, Doré. Held at the spectacular Gramercy Hotel, a line of beautiful models showcased the vibrant Spring/Summer 2016 line.

Doré began designing for dance students using the finest fabrics, as well as construction to withhold movement of the dancers. They easily flourished into providing beautiful ensembles for figure skaters, ballroom dancers and the like. They have been a featured designer on the hit show “So you think you can dance”. I felt very honored to see their upcoming line and spot a few pieces that I would wear every day, dancing or not.

My top two favorites from the line were the black tulle dress with the beautifully embellished top in the first two photos. As well as the long, exquisitely draped red dress in the last two photos. Do you see a favorite you would wear? Let me know in the comments bellow.

Doré Fashion presentation Doré Fashion presentation Doré Fashion presentation Doré Fashion presentation Doré Fashion presentationDoré Fashion presentation Doré Fashion presentation Doré Fashion presentation

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Beauty tips from a professional

There is only one person I trust when it comes to getting my makeup done, Sophia Joseph. The most talented professional makeup artist and friend graciously spent time disclosing her secret beauty tips and tricks of the trade. You have no idea how excited I was for this interview!

Q: To Start, where should someone begin when it comes to makeup? Any area we should master first in makeup application?

A: Well it would depend on the amount of experience one would have. There are many phenomenal makeup artists that were self-taught, picking up tips and tricks along the way. As for myself, I took a course in makeup artistry. I had little to no experience in makeup whatsoever. I wanted to learn every inch of the art of makeup from the history of makeup to proper makeup application, face structure, skin, set ethics, and building a business from the ground up. The first area I would suggest someone to master is the art of communication. Is is so important to listen to your client and to be sensitive to their needs. You have to build a trust with them. Once that is established, you are then perceived as someone they can count on and most importantly respect. That is something to have in this business and in life general. Secondly, I would advise learning basic beauty makeup. It is the foundation to all makeup application whether bridal, special effects or any other kind of makeup, you have to be able to create a flawless face.

Q: What is your absolute favorite makeup brand? Brush brand?

A: I get this question a lot. I do not have a favorite brand, I do however, have a lot of favorite products from many different brands. I’ll give you a list of my top five favorites:

  • RCMA foundation cream palette: this is a God sent I can create so much looks with this palette. Full to sheer coverage, contour, bronzer, color correct the list goes on.
  • Inglot eyeliner gel: this a must have for anyone who is having a problem with eyeliner not lasting through out the day. This bad boy once set is not going anywhere, but you defiantly have to work fast. my favorite colors are Gold (95), Black (77), and White (76).
  • MAC pigment in Vanilla: I adore this pigment I use it as an eyeshadow, face highlight, nail polish, or mix with body cream and use as a body highlights for an editorial look very versatile product.
  • Beauty Blender Sponge: is essential for a kit, it creates a more flawless airbrushed finish on the skin.
  • Eve Pearl Invisible finish powerless powder: control shine amazingly when I first use it I was like “oh my God this is magic”. When used on clients or myself I do not have to reapply as often or at all. It great for all skin tones and complexions.
Beauty Tips from Expert Makeup Artist Sophia Joseph
Makeup by Sophia Joseph

Q: What trick do you use that most people wouldn’t think about doing when it comes to makeup?

A: After I apply foundation and before I set the makeup with powder I like to blot. I take apart a 2ply Kleenex tissue and blot the entire face removing any excess makeup this helps the makeup from creasing and looking too caked on. Once I am done bolting I then go ahead and set my makeup. If I feel that I’ve removed too much makeup I pick up my brush or sponge that I used to apply foundation with product still on it I and go over areas where I lost little coverage.

Q: What makeup trends are you loving right now? Hating right now?

A: I am loving the clean look that I have been seeing on the fashion runways the past couple of seasons. A fresh dewy skin is by far my favorite makeup to do. I am really disliking over done brows. When it comes to brows, unless you are going for an over done editorial look, my advice is to use light strokes and a color that is one to two shades lighter than your natural hair color. If you’re a blond use light to medium taupe shades.

Q: Who is your beauty role model?

A: One of my favorite beauty role models is Pat McGrath. I absolutely adore her work. I draw inspirations from many of her runway looks she has created, and I cannot wait for the day to meet and work side by side with her. Pat McGrath is a living legend.

 Q: How can someone create a glam look on a budget? Any tips in where to find quality products at an affordable price?

A: Creating a glam look on a budget is a lot easier than people think. I also say “it is not about the products but about the technique”. Once you know how to use a product correctly you can have a finish face that look as if you used products that cost hundreds of dollars when in reality it properly cost maybe $40 and will last you six months to a year depending how often you use the items. Checking out your local drug store like CVS or Rite Aide. They are great places to find affordable makeup and usually have awesome sales (BOGO). Some drug store brands I like to use for a glam or any look are:

Beauty Tips from Expert Makeup Artist Sophia Joseph
Makeup by Sophia Joseph

Q: What are three beauty products (hair, makeup, brushes) essential for your everyday use?

A: My three beauty products to have are hairspray even when there is a hair artist on set I always walk with extra hairspray and pin in case I have to tame a section and the stylist is not available at that particular moment. Second would be press powder to remove any shine that I would get throughout the day. Lastly, my MAC 217 blending brush, I love this brush I have about ten duplicates including Sigma and other nameless brands. I use this brush to apply eyeshadow, blend eyeshadow, buff in concealer and foundation around small areas, and to also set the makeup with.

Q: What is the most exciting experience you’ve had as a makeup artist?

A: Tough question I feel that every experience I’ve had thus far has been exciting. But I do remember early on into career when I had just finished my Makeup course and I was doing my second fashion show for charity. I was still so green and inexperienced I was worried that I would not be able to perform on a level that was expected of me. However, I had to subside those thoughts because that was not the place nor the time to panic. So I start doing what I’ve learned and what I’ve practice, as I contained to work on my models one after another I turned around to observe my environment I notice I had a line of models waiting for me to do their makeup. I really had no clue where this line came from. There were several other makeup artist working there as well. One model told me once she got into my chair that she was watching me and she loved the makeup I was doing and she wanted only me to do her makeup. I felt extremely flattered, humbled and blessed that she found my work beautiful and just moments before I was having a silent panic attack. From that day on I believed in myself and had more confidence in my work. If I ever have self-doubts I always say to myself “I was chosen for a reason, they like my work and they believe in me, now I have to believe in myself”. When you have a passion for something, nothing should hold you back from achieving it even if it’s yourself.

Q: What can we expect to see from you in the upcoming year?

A: In the next year I am definitely going to continue building my clientele and my portfolio. I plan on branching into bridal hair and makeup artistry I want to build a network for that, as well as continue doing editorial work which I also love to do. It allows me to do something different and think outside the box. I also look forward to booking work international. I’ve never been out the country for work, so I cannot wait to experience that.

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Casual Friday



Happy Friday! We made it to the weekend, and now it is time to take a breather. I don’t know about you, but this has been one busy week. I am looking forward to slipping into super comfy clothes and watching some really bad reality shows on Bravo.

Today I want to share some tips on how to create a fun casual Friday look that is sleek, timeless, but still has that designer edge. If you know me even a little bit, you know that this is my ultimate go to look. I love clean lines, no fuss accessories, and black denim.

So, how do you get the look? Really easy. I took one main designer and matched my outfit around that piece. As you can see I went with my all time favorite Chanel black quilted purse. For an alternative, more affordable quilted purse, click here!

The other recognizable brand I am rocking are my Ray-Ban shades. That’s it though for brands! A great tip is to never mix too many designers and labels in one outfit. It becomes a little overwhelming otherwise.

For colors, I went with monotones to create a sleek, NYC vibe. The V-neck long sleeve shirt and black denim pants I found at Old Navy.  I suggest tucking in your shirt to instantly kick the outfit up a notch without much effort involved.

Of course, the shoes are from dollhouse, but you can get an even more killer pair here by Jeffrey Campbell. I pulled my hair pack into a loose ponytail to match the simplicity and clean lines of the look.

Casual Friday IMG_5073IMG_5094IMG_5145IMG_5124IMG_5177


Obviously this is a look that goes beyond casual Friday. Comment below on how you style a simple look. Follow along and make sure you subscribe!

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A night with Lulu*s

During NYFW, I attended  Lulu*s Style Studio, and then immediately proceeded to fall love with the brand all over again. The event easily became my number one highlight during the week-long celebration of fashion. Lulu*s went above and beyond decorating three floors full of beauty goodies, drinks, and of course loads of clothes to browse through.

A major plus was how incredibly friendly all the attendees and staff were. More amazing was how each girl looked absolutely stunning despite the torrential downpour happening outside. Everywhere I turned, I was greeted by big time bloggers and YouTubers, who were mingling and enjoying the night as well. My kind of heaven.

On the top floor, I had a chance to browse and snag a couple pieces from Lulu*s clothing line. One piece in particular that I took home was this gorgeous leather jacket. I literally ended up wearing this piece to every event thereafter (stay tuned for a featured post). It is truly the perfect fall jacket.

Additionally, there were a plethora of Lulu*s favorite beauty brands at the event. Shockingly the majority of the beauty products were made san parabens, and of high-quality natural ingredients! Mind Blown.

To me, the night was perfection. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to kick off my very first NYFW!

IMG_4983 IMG_4964 IMG_4973 Lulu's Style Studio NYFW SS2016

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Simple Fall Sweater Look

It is time for sweater season! I am excited for the cooler weather and the chance to wear some extra comfy leggings. However, I am not quite ready to switch out my sandals. Not just yet. Give me one more weekend, please!

fall lookIMG_4760IMG_4763fall look


Wearing My absolute favorite sweater I found in Quebec City by Contemporaine, here is a similar style from Boohoo. Leggings from Zara Basics. The purse is Saint Laurent, a more affordable option can be found here. Shoes are Dollhouse, a similar style by Jeffrey Campbell.

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Inside My Travel Bag

Hi Friends! This year has been the year of travel. Starting with a cross-country move, to visiting Quebec for the holidays, spending time in Florida for the winter, all the way through to my one-month travels in Europe. And the year is not over yet! I have one more trip up to New York for Fashion Week, and I am preparing my carry-on bag as we speak.

Usually something is forgotten in the mix of the excitement, so I thought today it would be fun to list all the essentials I bring with me as my airplane carry-on. These are necessities I would pack whether it is a short trip up the coast or a long trip across the pond. Equally beneficial for both types of travelers.

For starters, I have to have a bag that is going to fit everything! I fell in love with this Henri Bendel weekend bag for two reasons. First, there is a separate compartment below for added space. Secondly, it zips all the way close on top making sure nothing spills out. I also really love the fact that the straps are adjustable which helps when I want to wear it cross-body, on one shoulder, or use the handles to give my shoulders a break. The leather detailing on the bottom of the bag, handle clasp, and tasseled zippers are a nice touch of luxury.

travel bag

henri bendel weekender


Once I have my big bag, it is time to pack! Here is everything I place inside:

  1. The most important is my wallet (also from bendel) and some sort of ID. I can’t fly without them!
  2. All my electronics. iPhone, iPod, Kindle. Plus the charges for each. I made the mistake of not bringing chargers and was stuck in the airport for hours due to a blizzard. Needless to say, I overspent on chargers to keep my electronics running.
  3. Snacks. My absolute favorite plane snacks are Combos and Sprite, but some sort of trail mix is also a great thing to have on hand.
  4. Altitude sickness meds. I am a lost cause without these!
  5. Magazines. I overload on entertainment, I never know what I am going to be in the mood for. So I might as well have it all!
  6. Headphones. A definite necessity to listen to music or movies on the plane.
  7. Sunglasses. Especially if I am going to a sunny place like LA. I love these Fendi sunnies, they are just super fun.
  8. Sandals or other weather appropriate gear for where I am heading. I might go straight from the airport to an event and like to be prepared.
  9. My favorite Paraben free deodorant, lip balm, makeup, and hair ties! These are great especially for longer flights to touch up once landing. I keep them in my DVF makeup pouch.
  10. Business cards and a small notebook. I never know who I am going to run into on the plane or in the airport. Best to be prepared.
  11. A sweatshirt because I get cold really easily on planes! Not photographed because I usually am wearing my sweatshirt through security.

Let me know in the comments below if you want a list of items I bring with me in my checked suitcase as well!

What to pack for a trip

travel guide on what to pack

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The Perfect Fall Cocktail Dress

September is here, which means we are one step closer to cooler weather, holiday parties, and fancy occasions to dress up! This is my favorite time of the year, and I couldn’t be more excited to celebrate with a new array of cocktail dresses. After watching a back-to-back marathon of Ladies of London on bravo, I figured let’s hop across the pond to get inspired on what to wear.

A little tip if you have a black tie dinner or a more regal cocktail party, shop bridesmaids dresses. Typically, you can customize the dress in the color you wish, they have a better fit, and they are cheaper than a designer gown!  I went ahead and partnered up with to show you how to find the perfect fall cocktail dress for much less. How much less? I am talking all under $100.

fall dresses for under 100

Dress one is a classic little black dress with a sweetheart neckline. I love that the tulle has polka dot detailing! I find it adds a soft feminine touch. This is a great dress for any fancy occasion because of how versatile it is. Add a shall and clutch to complete the outfit. Voila, you are set. It is priced at $77!

The second dress is a gorgeous satin, pleated, A-line dress. This is perfect for a formal brunch, or to attend a holiday play.  There are many colors to choose from, I would go with a navy blue to make it more festive for the season. All you need is to add a cardigan! This is priced at $70.

Last but certainly not least, the red structured dress is ready to make any woman a bombshell this fall season. The bow detailing and tulip hemline adds just enough personality to this look without going overboard. If you are not a fan of the red hue, there are plenty of colors to choose from. Personally, this is my number one pick for a holiday party. I can see myself pairing the dress with black detailed stockings and crush velvet block heels for a sweet yet fierce look. Priced at only $70, it is a steal!

Which look would you wear?

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One Last Summer Fling

This summer came and went in a nano second. As a last hoorah here is a fun, colorful photo shoot. This was taken in Astoria, Queens; a neighborhood I am all too familiar with. If you ever visit New York City, I highly suggest taking the N or Q train out to taste some amazing Greek food.

The dress is from Mango in a fuschia and pleated tiered detailing. I love how soft the dress is and the way it flows beautifully in the summer breeze. I decided to wear the nude wedges and tan purse by Rebecca Minkoff to keep the look casual. The dress would also look incredible with black accessories for an evening attire.

How are you wrapping up the summer season? Link below your end of summer posts if you wish!

one last summer fling

summer style fashion. labor day

summer fling style

end of summer fashion style

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Summer to Fall Outfit Ideas

Goodbye summer, hello fall! It is that time of year to prepare yourself for cooler weather and new clothing options. However, it is simple to transition from summer to fall with key fashion pieces. September tends to be a fickle month ranging from warm days to cooler nights. Here are ways to style some fall looks without buying a whole new wardrobe and wearing your summer favorites just a tad longer! I provided links to similar looking pieces in case you want to recreate the look.

Summer to Fall transitional looks:

1) In outfit one, I chose a summer dress in a leopard print and threw on a loose black kimono sweater. To make it more fall appropriate, I added red pointed heels and a soft black and gold chain clutch. This outfit is perfect for an evening date!

2) Outfit two, I took my classic denim and white tee shirt to a new level by pairing it with a thick checkered sweater. For shoes, I went for black booties that are comfortable and just spells fall! This is a great look for a casual day walking through the farmers market, to a movie night.

3) Look three is my favorite loaded with personality. I am not ready to retire my mint green taffeta skirt just yet so I threw on a button down gray sweater with jeweled beading on top. I buttoned the sweater all the way down except for the last three and used the excess material to tie the sweater into a tight knot leaving a very chic finish. This is so perfect for a girls day shopping or for a much-needed coffee chat.

Summer to Fall transitional looks

summer to fall outfit

summer to fall transitional looks

I love this option of styling. It allows me to save my fashion budget for October, November, and December where the climate is cooler and there are tons of fun fashion options to indulge in.

For more inspiration on how to style for warm days to cool nights (aka September weather) check out the interview I did with Ensambl! We talk about ways to layer up in ways that are convenient yet chic.

The links are affiliated via rewardStyle.

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