It Is Our Birthday, And We Are Expanding!

May marks three years of Rock Paper Glam! And boy has it been a roller coaster of amazing times. There have been challenges, momentous experiences, new friends, new brands, and more than anything abundance of laughter. I cannot believe everything blogging has brought into my life, I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Leading up to today, I’ve taken time to reflect on what I want to accomplish this year. The first thing I began thinking about was all the silent rules that blogger are to follow. Those little nuances that have been stressing me out —  I took that list and tossed it in the garbage. Liberated by taking the limitations off, I instantly became excited all over again as if I was beginning the process from scratch. While I might not have a curate Instagram nor be on Snapchat, I will bring a ton of personality.

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My off the shoulder moment

This is one of my favorite trends for spring! Off the shoulder blouses doused in a ton of ruffles and preferably in blue. There is something so fun and playful about this look. In fact, I couldn’t stop twirling in my oversize blouse. Pairing the look with my new favorite cat-eyed sunglasses made the look that much better. I am starting realize that eyewear isn’t made to be taken seriously. I am really getting into wearing something funky! The funkier the better, right? Fashion is meant to be fun after all!

I like styling this look with a simple pair of black denim pants and no fuss tan sandals. The emphasis here are the ruffles in all their glory. This is a perfect outfit for while grabbing coffee or brunch with friends.

What do you think of this look? Would it be something you’d try for Spring?



Zara blue striped off the shoulder blouse and balenciaga duel tone sunglasses

off the shoulder blouse from zara

off the shoulder blouse and cat eyed sunglasses

off the shoulder blue blouse and balenciaga sunglasses

Look Details: Blouse — Zara,  similar  here, and a more affordable version here. My black pants — Banana Republic, but any old pair of black jeans will work to recreate this look. ClutchGiGi New York. I love that you can customize their clutches with initials, a similar style in faux leather is available here. SunglassesBalenciaga, similar and more affordable style here.

P.S. I totally changed from my mule heeled sandals to my favorite Pumas half way through the day, and instantly became happier! Does that ever happen to you? Does putting on your favorite shoes change your mood?

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What To Wear This Wedding Season

Get ready with me this Wedding Season in these gorgeous gowns! Whether it is a formal or a small casual wedding, I’ve selected a few of my favorite dresses and gems to create the perfect look. I personally love long dresses for evening weddings, it is usually a safe go to when you aren’t sure what the dress code is.

If you have more than two weddings to attend this season, I highly recommend subscribing to Rent The Runways Unlimited. It is $139 + tax (typically the cost of a dress) a month and you are able to rent three dresses, or accessories at one time. Meaning you can get a full look (designer dress, earrings, and clutch), or three designer dresses for each wedding you are attending at a reasonable price. When one wedding is done, send back your look to get a new item! Best part is you can cancel at any time, aka when wedding season is over.

If you only have one or two weddings, purchasing one dress may be the way to go. I found this amazing Alred Sung dress for under $200 that would work with many body types and comes in a plethora of colors. You can easily recycle the dress by adding new accessories such as a throw scarf and clutch. It is amazing how accessories can turn the same dress into a completely different look!

Asos is doing an amazing job in rounding up a beautiful selection of Wedding Guest attire as well. They even have men’s suits for your plus one to browse through!

I hope you have a wonderful season full of love and joy! Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact me and we can work together to find the best style for you. And you can always find these options under The Shop tab!

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Would you try Laser Skincare?

Lately, I have been fascinated with the idea of using lasers to help with anti-aging, toning and clearing my skin. I am not the biggest advocate for botox or other injectables, but lasers I believe in. Mainly because I have seen them work for family members and have used laser hair removal myself. I thought this little article would help if you were considering laser treatments as well. It is always great to be educated on the process before beginning.

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Met Gala: Manus X Machina

Met Gala Manus X Machina

Yesterday was the first Monday in May, which only means one thing – MET GALA! After work, I packed my camera and rushed up to the Upper East Side to watch as the guests arrived. As I made my way to 83rd and 5th avenue around 6pm, I was greeted by several other eager fans waiting to see what their favorite celebrities would be wearing to the ultra-exclusive Met Gala. With the theme of Man Vs Machine, I was on the look out for metallic, intricate designs, and of course larger than life dresses.

While looking for the best viewing spot, I heard a familiar voice “oh hey, Ellese.” It was a close friend I hadn’t seen in years! We chatted for a few minutes about how she is working for The Met and how blogging was going for me. It was the best sighting of the night to see her face! It also reminds me how small this island really is.

Back to the Met Gala, I left my friend to get the perfect standing spot to shoot these photos of attendees jumping out of their cars to make their way through the red carpet. It was interesting some celebrities didn’t want to be caught on camera until they made it to the stairs ( ahem Wiz Khalifa). So here are a few celebs that gave us fans a little bit of love and fashion.

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mom’s day is May 8th! Are you ready? Are you close to being ready? Did you even know Mother’s Day was in a week? No… Well, that’s okay! Today I am going over a few gift ideas and spa packages that will make any mom feel proud.

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Is Rent the Runway Unlimited Worth It?

Is Rent The Runway Unlimited Worth The Price?

Products and Discount Code Updated July 26th, 2017!

A few months ago, I took the plunge. I signed up for Rent the Runway Unlimited. I was in the midst of a fashion crisis, where I needed to attend a LOT of events and didn’t have enough looks for each one. I knew I needed high-end products but without the designer budget. This is where Rent the Runway unlimited stepped in as the best option. Rent the Runway unlimited is a monthly subscription for $139 + tax you are able to borrow three at a time.

This is what I experienced:

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11 Spring Essentials to Snag Now

We already went over three transitional coats to have this Spring, but what else will you need? With the weather warming up, it is finally that exciting moment to switch out the dark, drab winter clothes for some new, fun Spring essentials! I love adding new jewelry, sunglasses and hats to the mix to really make my Spring look complete.

Without delay, here are 11 Spring Essentials!

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Fuel Vegan Hair Care

I am constantly on the lookout for healthy, cruelty-free products. I feel there is a responsibility to uphold as a digital influencer, which is to be extremely mindful and educated on the products I promoted. While I am still learning, I try my hardest to stay up-to-date by reading science journals and watching documentaries. I really care about your health!

With that said, I’d like to introduce to you Fuel. Fuel is a Vegan hair care line. Meaning there is absolutely no testing on animals nor does it contain any animal products! I was extremely excited to learn the company is also paraben free and gluten-free.

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