My New Found Obsession With Pop Music

Dua Lipa My Obsession with Pop Music

Happy Monday! Here in New York City, it is pouring outside. It is a really soothing and relaxing way to start the new week. Plus it has significantly cooled down the city to the point I can open my window and let the breeze come through. Who else loves to hear the rain pour when working? Let me know in the comments!

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This Playlist Will Make You Want to Travel to Muscle Shoals

Alabama Hills, Muscle Shoals playlist

Some of my all time favorite songs and musicians recorded in Muscle Shoals, Alabaham. Everyone from Lynard Skynard to the Rolling Stones. Aretha Franklin wrote, produced and recorded her biggest hits down south. It is a magical place I am looking forward to visiting one day soon. It was said, that if you listen closely, the stream in Muscle Shoals sings. Some say that’s why some of the biggest hits came from the area. Each song recorded in Muscle Shoals has a really distinct, southern funk. It can be heard the best in Brown Sugar by the Rolling Stones and Simple Man By Lynard Skynard. It is that raspy, soulful guitar.

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My Top Favorite Songs For The Morning Commute

music for your morning commute

Whether you are driving or taking mass transit like me, having a playlist for your morning commute is essential. If you are tired of the top 40 songs of today, here are some fresh beats that will make your commute better.

This playlist is a mix of chill music and fun tunes to get you going. Featuring lesser known artists and songs in the mix gives it a fresh vibe, perfect to start your week. I always find it fun to support new musicians and hear what creative flow they came up with. It’s often something I’ve never heard before and keeps my brain stimulated and excited for the next song. Of course, there are familiar bands and artists in the mix as well.

What do you like to listen to on your morning commute? Let me know in the comments!


Want more music? Check out past playlists here.

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The Ultimate Summer Playlist

The Ultimate Summer Playlist

I know I said this last week, but I really mean it this time when I say I made the Ultimate Summer Playlist. I am in love with this new mix of songs. It has The Beatles, it has Springsteen, it has The Rolling Stones. But that’s not all, it has Selena Gomez’s latest song, songs that were big last summer, and my favorite indie bands mixed all together. I could probably listen to this summer playlist for hours. I hope you enjoy it has much as I do.

What are you listening to this summer on repeat? Let me know in the comments below. Would you want for me to make a playlist solely on classic summer rock songs? Let me know that as well!


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HIIT The Gym with this Workout Remix

Hiit (High-Intensity Interval Training) at the gym is one of my favorite toning and cardio routines! I made the perfect workout mix to get your heart pumping as you rock your body, work the middle. I can honestly say, this is my favorite playlist I have made to date. All the songs I love and have on repeat. Most of them are new, but a couple are from a few summers ago (can you tell which ones?!). I hope you enjoy and helps you get ready for Summer! Can you believe it is the officially the week where Summer begins. Where did the time go?


You can check out last weeks playlist here!


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