HIIT The Gym with this Workout Remix

Hiit (High-Intensity Interval Training) at the gym is one of my favorite toning and cardio routines! I made the perfect workout mix to get your heart pumping as you rock your body, work the middle. I can honestly say, this is my favorite playlist I have made to date. All the songs I love and have on repeat. Most of them are new, but a couple are from a few summers ago (can you tell which ones?!). I hope you enjoy and helps you get ready for Summer! Can you believe it is the officially the week where Summer begins. Where did the time go?


You can check out last weeks playlist here!


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This Week’s Playlist

New Music Monday! These are the beats I’ll be playing all week on repeat. Fun and new sounds plus a few calming tunes to mix it up. I really love making these playlists for you all, I hope you enjoy as well.

Did you miss last weeks? You can still listen to it here. I ended up playing that mix all week! So happy to share these fresh new tunes for another productive 7 days.

Looking for a specific playlist? Need the best road trip tunes? Or chill remix?  Let me know in the comments, and I can create something inspiring for you next week.


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Here Are The Best Work Week Beats To Keep You Motivated

Work Week Beats

Need a little music to get you through the work week? Here you go! I love listening to these songs while walking between meetings, drafting articles for the week, or spending hours editing photos. Whether you share this playlist with the whole office or just for yourself, I hope you enjoy these tunes.

I mixed a few classics with some popular hits of today. There is a sprinkle of newbies in here as well. New music often gets my imagination flowing more than anything. Hearing raw talent, their passion, and creativity is contagious.

What songs do you listen to at work? What motivates you to keep going? Let me know if the comments below!

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