Why Is It So Challenging to Take Care Of Yourself?

Take Care Of Yourself

I am writing this out of suggestion. I recently took three flights in four days. Each day I had a big meeting or event to attending while away. I think I slept two nights gone and barely recouped from the month of hard work prior to leaving. Needless to say, I was beyond exhausted when I arrived back to New York City. But I had no clue exactly how exhausted I was. I kept thinking to myself, “I am fine, I can handle it”.

The scary reality hit when I was walking to the gym and I felt all the blood rush to my feet and I saw flashes of me about to fall down. I intuitively knew if I kept walking I was seconds away from fainting. I turned away from the busy intersection and sat down on a cement fence with my head between my legs. I never in my life felt that sensation before where I had no control over my body and it felt like I was about to topple over.

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10 Handbags Too Cute To Ignore


I am, and always have been, a purse person. I am a sucker for handbags and often buy the most illogical ones. Why? It’s just a fun way to add a bit of personality and style to a look! I think a purse really tells you about a person and their preferences. Plus if you are going to take a little risk in fashion, the easiest way is with something you carry. I love that you can change out your purse often and try new trends, looks, and aesthetics.

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What to Wear this Wedding Season Plus RTR DISCOUNT CODE

What to wear this wedding season

We’ve all been there before. Peeking into the closet, trying to figure out how many times I can wear that same dress this wedding season. Factor in the weather, how formal, and where the wedding is taking place… forget about it. Most times I just throw my hands up and wish I could wear sweats.

Finding the right dress for the right venue is always the hardest part. You want to feel great about yourself, appropriate for the day, and comfortable at the same time. Don’t worry! I have a few simple solutions to save you this wedding season. Ready?!

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Get The Look: Kendall Jenner Street Style

Kendall Jenner Street Style

Yellow has been a popular color this summer. More than ever, I have seen shops carry bright yellow tops and summer dresses. Case in point, this yellow bell-sleeved sweatshirt by Topshop is insanely gorgeous!

After looking deeper into the trend, I saw that Kendall was rocking the popular color as well. I really love how Kendall Jenner pulled off this entirely yellow look without it being too overwhelming. In this article, I’ll share how to steal Kendall’s street style and tips to follow. Keep reading!

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TREND ALERT: One Shoulder Tops Are Super Hot

Last season it was all about the off the shoulder tops, this spring and summer it is all about the one shoulder sleeve tops!

I love mixing up silhouettes, it keeps looks fresh and it is just plain fun to play around with. This look can be very bold depending on how much frill you want, or extremely sleek. These tops are great for date night, office parties (look at the sleek ones!), or weekend excursions. I would pair them with white denim, wide leg pants, or maxi skirts depending on the look I wanted to create. Of course, any of these could be paired with cutoff denim shorts to create a very casual look.

Have fun with this new Spring and Summer style. One shoulder sleeve tops are so fun and flirty. It’s hard to wear these without smiling. Show me how you style this look on Instagram with #rockpaperglam!

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