Backstage at Michael Costello During NYFW

During New York Fashion Week, there were a few shows that I was particularly excited for. The Michael Costello Runway Show was on the top of the list! I nearly cried when I got the invite to see him at Moynihan Station on Thursday, September 8th.

As a self-taught designer, he went on to become a finalist in two separate seasons of Project Runway. I have watched him dress A-list celebrities such as Beyoncé and the Kardashians. His clothes are meant to make women feel beautiful, which you can clearly see below.

At the show, I sat directly behind a few cast members of the popular E! reality show WAGS. A number of other reality stars were in the crowd such as Summer Rae, Paris Hilton, and Dorothy Wang from Rich Kids of Beverly Hills.

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A Night with Aerin Lauder with Stories of Estée

Earlier this month, I was able to attend the launch of Aerin Lauder’s new perfume, Tangier Vanille. If the name sounds familiar, you may know of her grandmother, Estée Lauder. Estée Lauder was an amazing business woman who launched a large makeup, skincare, and fragrance corporation in 1946. The mega house is the owner of several lines such as Clinique, Smashbox, Tory Burch Fragrance and of course Aerin Lauder luxury beauty.

Before attending the event, I knew a bit about Aerin and her ties with the Lauder family. When living in Palm Beach for a few months, I would drive by her uncle’s Leonard Lauder house while running errands with my mom. Being on the small island with similar last names made for an amusing time. But never did I realize how successful of a business women Aerin had become herself. She is the director of Estée Lauder style and image, owner of a small furniture and accessories collection, and manages AERIN. Her impressive net worth is well over 2 billion dollars.

The launch of AERIN Tangier Vanille took place at the Penthouse suite of the NoMad Hotel. It had just down poured moments before the launch. Creating a very humid, muggy, overcast climate; the perfect  setting for a Moroccan inspired event.

There were oriental rugs, palm trees, and wicker leather chairs throughout the venue. Zebra print fabric mimicking the packaging of the fragrance laid beneath the beautiful display of Aerin’s line. Every detail was thought of and it was beautiful.

The scent itself was a light yet warm fragrance with hints of vanilla. One of the women who overlooks Aerin’s production was there describing the line. She also happened to work for Estée and was hired by her! Aerin recounted the story of her grandmother’s interviewing process. Estée Lauder would have two fragrances on her desk, one good and one that smelled awful. She would ask the interviewees what they thought of each. She hired the ones that 1) had a good nose and 2) told the truth. What a great lesson and amazing way to filter through interviewees.

Here are a few of my favorite moments from the night.

Aerin Lauder Tangier Vanille Launch Penthouse suite NoMad Hotel Aerin Lauder Tangier Vanille Launch Penthouse suite NoMad Hotel Aerin Lauder Tangier Vanille Launch Penthouse suite NoMad Hotel Aerin Lauder Tangier Vanille Launch Penthouse suite NoMad Hotel Aerin Lauder Tangier Vanille Launch Penthouse suite NoMad Hotel Aerin Lauder Tangier Vanille Launch Penthouse suite NoMad Hotel Aerin Lauder Tangier Vanille Launch Penthouse suite NoMad Hotel Aerin Lauder Tangier Vanille Launch Penthouse suite NoMad Hotel

Here is the new line! Feel free to click on the items you’re most interested in and it will direct you to where you can purchase. Enjoy!


What I wore: Top and Pants H&M. Shoes similar here.

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A Night with Elle and Abercrombie

Song for this article is: Out of My System by Youngr

I never in my wildest dreams thought I’d be writing about a brand I boycotted in fifth grade. I had extreme detest for a certain clothing company that promoted their merchandise with half naked models. I vividly remember the rest of my class excitedly adorning their newest and latest from Abercrombie & Fitch. But not me. At ten years old I made certain to not even step foot in their doors.

So when I received the confirmation from Elle Magazine that I’ll be attending the Fall 16′ preview of the line I had once much despised, I laughed. Oh, how the times have changed.

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Met Gala: Manus X Machina

Met Gala Manus X Machina

Yesterday was the first Monday in May, which only means one thing – MET GALA! After work, I packed my camera and rushed up to the Upper East Side to watch as the guests arrived. As I made my way to 83rd and 5th avenue around 6pm, I was greeted by several other eager fans waiting to see what their favorite celebrities would be wearing to the ultra-exclusive Met Gala. With the theme of Man Vs Machine, I was on the look out for metallic, intricate designs, and of course larger than life dresses.

While looking for the best viewing spot, I heard a familiar voice “oh hey, Ellese.” It was a close friend I hadn’t seen in years! We chatted for a few minutes about how she is working for The Met and how blogging was going for me. It was the best sighting of the night to see her face! It also reminds me how small this island really is.

Back to the Met Gala, I left my friend to get the perfect standing spot to shoot these photos of attendees jumping out of their cars to make their way through the red carpet. It was interesting some celebrities didn’t want to be caught on camera until they made it to the stairs ( ahem Wiz Khalifa). So here are a few celebs that gave us fans a little bit of love and fashion.

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BTS with Vanity Fair at the Oscars

The Platform in Culver City, Los Angeles, VFSC, Oscar Vanity Fair Social Club 2016

Wow, February was an amazing month of events. I am grateful to have been able to attend Men’s fashion week, Women’s fashion week in NYC, and to top it off fly to LA for the Oscars with Vanity Fair. Is this real life?

Most of you were curious about what exactly went on during that week leading up to the Oscars, and I am here to finally report every morsel of the Vanity Fair experience.

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