Pamella Roland Restort ’18 Collection

Last month, I attended the Pamella Roland Resort ’18 presentation that was held at the Bulgari store on 5th Avenue. The venue was stunning, as we were surrounded by diamonds. Pamella was there along with her good friend Vanessa Williams. The presentations consisted of models showcasing Roland’s resort line circling the venue. Which for me meant I had a better chance of really getting close to the clothes and seeing every detail.

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Shop The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Like A Fashion Blogger 2017

fashion blogger guide to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017

If you need any guidance in finding the best picks for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, I am here to help! I love shifting through every single piece (over 3000 items) that are now on sale through August 6th. If you have Early Access (find out here) you are set to shop this weekend! If you are waiting for the sale to open to the public (July 21st) this is a fantastic time to start prepping your wish list. Discover all my tips for conquering the #NSale here.

The Blogger Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Guide

Today’s post is a fun way to see what exactly is worth buying this season from the point of a fashion blogger. With over 3000 items that just went on sale, it can be hard to see everything. That’s why I did it for you! Seriously, this makes me so happy to help find the right pieces just for you. These are pieces I would wear and I know fellow bloggers would rock as well.

After hours looking, the biggest pieces this year to stock up on are boots, booties, jeans, and cardigans. Especially really long cardigans. See how I styled them last season, which btw are going to be super hot this fall! Fall is also my favorite season, so you see how this just plays into my absolute love for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

My top picks from the sale

I made a conscious effort to gather as many picks that are budget friendly (below $250), wearable all season long, closet essentials, and a bit of fun. I wanted to provide options that are practical as well as stylish. The biggest question I always ask myself during these kinds of mega sales is, “Can I live in this piece?” If the answer is yes, then it goes straight into the cart. Try asking yourself a similar question while browsing the sale! It helps with finding wardrobe staples you’ll absolutely love! Also, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get more articles on how to shop the sale!

Let’s Shop!

Check out how to shop the Anniversary Sale for Back To School as well!

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Brunch at the famous Lotte New York Palace

Last month, I was fortunate enough to experience brunch at the infamous Lotte New York Palace. I’ve been in awe of the establishment since the days of Gossip Girl. But even before that huge television series filmed at the hotel, I have been in love with the architecture nestled behind Saint Patrick’s Cathedral. The beautiful structure has been there since 1882.

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Condé Nast Traveler’s Third Presentation of Shorties

Conde Nast Traveler's Third Presentation of Shorties| Chinese Tuxedo| Summer Soiree

Last night, I was fortunate to attend the third presentation of Shorties by Condé Nast Traveler. I attended the event last year (check it out here!) and became enamored with the magazine, as well as the concept of one-minute video journeys around the world. Traveling is one of the greatest investment a person can make. The memories continue to grow over time, and your outlook on life changes almost drastically by being exposed to new cultures and traditions. There is something that is, for lack of better words, magical and feeds the soul when you travel.

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How To Gain Early Access To The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

How To Gain Early Access To The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017

The question on every savvy shopper’s mind right now is How To Gain Early Access To The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale…

And for good reason. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale happens once a year in July when NEW designer pieces (never seen on the market) are released at a huge, discounted price. I mean what sale is better than this! It feels like a secret insider deal to grab the newest and latest pieces at a fraction of the retail price. The thing is, once the sale ends the pieces go back to retail pricing. Meaning, you have three weeks to grab them before then go back up to full price.

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