Can you believe these are not DESIGNER?

Designer duds are expensive. I know, I get it. As beautiful as they are, sometimes it is not practical, to throw down a thousand dollars every time you fall in love with a purse. Ah, the struggle is real!

But fear not, there is a way to get what you want and on any budget. And I am here to help! Using my eye for detail, I scouted for top designer looks that cost a fraction of the price. I went to Target, yes Target, to find these perfect matches that look identical to the real thing!

Flip through the slide show to see for yourself how to score the look for less. The first slide show is all the steals! While the second features the actual designer pieces that inspire each pick. You can choose where you want to splurge and save. Or just completely save on every piece!

Let me know in the comments below if this was helpful and something you would like to see more of in future posts!

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New Designer: Isle Poni Lo Swimwear

Isle Poni Lo Swimwear

This past weekend, I attended the Open Runway show at the W Hotel Westwood. Four incredible designers showcased their summer line in front of fashion bloggers, fashion influencers, and media. The designer who stuck out the most was Isle Poni Lo and her swimwear collection. The vibrant colors, the tropical prints, and the incredible silhouettes were gorgeous. It didn’t hurt that  the collection fit perfectly with W Hotels palm tree-lined pool.

After the show I was able to take a look at the swim apparel first hand. I wanted to see first hand the quality of the fabric, the built, and the structure. I wanted to get a feel for it myself. Luckily Isle Poni Lo had a hut in the corner selling their fab bathing suits with the designer nearby for any questions.

Of course, knowing me, I wanted to hear what inspired the designer. Little did I know, I was in for a beautiful story. The designer and creator of Isle Poni Lo swimwear, Ashley Morgan Foster is from the Big Island of Hawaii. She remarks how Isle Poni Lo means wild ponies, which there are apparently many on the island roaming freely. Foster believes that every woman has that wild carefree side of her as well, and created a swimwear line to represent that inner nature.

What I was incredibly taken back by is Foster’s attention to detail. She mentioned that once Isle Poni Lo is more established she is looking for a charity or organization she can give back to. She further explained how the eco-friendly materials are SPF 50, and the tags (with all the information) can be planted to grow wild flowers! Isn’t that insanely beautiful?

Why I fell in Love with Isle Poni Lo:

  • The gorgeous colors, and prints that are used
  • The braiding and structural design of each piece
  • The quality of the bathing suite
  • The fun story around the collection

What do you think about the collection?

Isle Poni Lo Swimwear

Isle Poni Lo Swimwear

Isle Poni Lo Swimwear

Isle Poni Lo Swimwear

Isle Poni Lo Swimwear

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What’s in my purse at all times!

Because we are human, and that means we are nosy by default. So here’s what is inside my purse!

Tory Burch Purse; Moo Business Cards, Ray Bans Sunglasses, Burts Bees Chapstick, Aveda Stress Relief Hand Lotion, iPod, Babyganics Sunscreen, Billionaire Boyfriend Perfume roller, Henri Bendel iPhone + Wallet Case, Car Keys

I am obsessed with my pale pink Tory Burch purse for this summer season. I love the adjustable straps that easily convert into a cross body. I am also incredibly impressed by how much stuff it can carry. Speaking of which…

I always carry my business cards. These beauties are from Moo Cards. I love how rich they feel, and professional they look. You never know who you may meet during your day…

Ray Bans, of course. What else is new. I love these baby’s and how they protect my eyes.

Chapstick by burts bees and hand lotion by Aveda to keep my skin hydrated all day long.

My trusty iPod for fun tunes to help bump to during work at the market place.

Sunscreen by Babyganics, because I truly am a child. No just kidding, I bough it because it is free of: paba, phthalates, parabens, fragrances, and nano-particles. Plus it is TEAR FREE! Which is huge because I kinda had a problem with that in my last sunscreen (boy does that burn the eyes)

Billionaire Boyfriend roll on perfume, because doesn’t everyone want to smell like works of art. Plus I just love the name. Drool.

My absolute favorite floral wallet by Henri Bendel! It is a wallet plus and iPhone carrier. I am seriously obsessed by it.

Then of course my car keys. I live in LA, this is how life works.

What’s in your purse? Let me know in the comments bellow.

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