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With fall in full swing and work picking up, it is time for massive networking events. I personally love socializing with like-minded individuals who are in the field of blogging. There are tons to discuss, usually great products to test, and new friends to meet. This time around, I really thought about how important it is to be prepared for networking events such as meetups and conferences.  Just like any other part of life, going in prepared allows you to achieve your intentions.

For networking events, I set specific goals. One being, I want to get to know at least four new people. I believe that taking the time to really listen and understand a person is far more successful than several quick connections over the course of the night. I also go in with the notion that, while promoting my brand is important, discovering how I can help another brand is far more important. Asking thoughtful questions and providing solutions, will not only leave the person remembering who I am but more likely to help my brand in return. The biggest part, is being genuinely interested in helping first and foremost. Good deeds do get noticed, believe me.

Successful networking is simply helping another brand or person.

Lastly, I am equipped with a journal or notepad at all times. More than likely, being surrounded by a creative group will spark ideas and new ways I am able to improve as a brand. I love jotting down information, or quotes that inspire new ideas. I try to jot down at least three important takeaways that I can brainstorm on later. Of course, if it is a day long lecture, I am more likely to fill a few pages of notes than just three points.

Not only am I mentally prepared, but I am also stocked up on these following goodies!



1) As I already mentioned, a notebook is super important to take down contact info, as well as any inspirational ideas that strike.

2) Along with a place to jot down info, you are going to need pens or pencils. It’s easy to forget, so make sure you pack two or three immediately (as in right now) before you lose track.

3) Hair Pins. If you are attending a conference that last 6-8 hours, most likely hair, makeup, and everything else will start to fade after the first few hours. Hair pins are great for a quick pick-me-up before taking more photos.

4) Speaking of sprucing up, a nice perfume and chapstick is another great idea to keep you looking your best during the entire event. Never underestimate a perfect lip and a signature scent. I use NYX Butter Lip Balm and Billionaire Boyfriend roll on perfume.

5) Business Cards of course. I got my cards from

6) Your phone for selfies and massive social media coverage. This is a great way to up your followers and maintain high-quality content.

7) Your wallet, because well, why wouldn’t you have your wallet? Mine is from Henri Bendel.

8) Last but certainly not least, accessories. Wear a statement piece that will spark conversations.

What tips do you use when networking? Let me know in the comments below!

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Paris by Day

Last week I shared the quintessential Parisian dream of what it was like doing a photoshoot in front of the Eiffel Tower. Today I wanted to share what Paris is like by day. During my latest trip, I made every effort to live like a local. I stayed at an Airbnb in the posh neighborhood Le Marais. I spoke french everywhere I could. Leading to many incomprehensible conversations with locals that made both of us laugh. I learned that ‘may I have the bill’ in french is l’adittion (sounds like audition) and if you don’t ask for it, they will not bring you the bill for a very long time. I discovered while half the time the trip was sunny, the other half of the time when it rain made the city was even more romantic. I could easily get use to the culture of stopping work by 5 and seeing friends late at night even if it is a Monday. This trip filled my heart with so much love and gratitude. Grateful for the experience to live out my dreams.

Here is a collection of photos of what it was like to roam around the tiny streets and eat delicious chocolates at a local cafe in Paris. I hope you enjoy!

Paris by day


French onion soup

seine river, Paris

Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower Paris France

Croque monsieur

French Doors

Parisian Streets, Paris France

Paris France

Gated community Paris

Roaming the street, streetwear

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The Launch Fashion Show

A series of new designers presented their Spring Summer 2016 designs at The Launch this past fashion week, and I was lucky enough to be invited! Held at the Grand Soho Hotel, the event was was ultra swanky and filled with forward-thinking fashionistas. I had a blast chatting with other bloggers, and sipping organic ginger ale before the shows. Once the designers began their presentation (a total of four shows) we gathered around the runway in awe of the collections. Here are a few of my favorite pieces from the respected designers, as well as what I wore to the incredible event. I hope you enjoy!

The Soho Grand Hotel. Fall Outfit Idea 2015

The Launch, Soho Grand Hotel, New York Fashion Week

Soho Grand Hotel, New York Fashion Week

Soho Grand Hotel, New York Fashion Week, Fall Fashion ideas 2015


Alexa Blaq:

The Launch, Soho Grand Hotel, New York Fashion Week Alexa Blaq

The Launch, Soho Grand Hotel, New York Fashion Week Alexa Blaq

Hanah NYC:

Soho Grand Hotel, New York Fashion Week Hanah NYC

Soho Grand Hotel, New York Fashion Week Hanah NYC

Soho Grand Hotel, New York Fashion Week Hanah NYC


The Launch, Soho Grand Hotel, New York Fashion Week Autie

The Launch, Soho Grand Hotel, New York Fashion Week Autie

The Launch, Soho Grand Hotel, New York Fashion Week Autie

The Launch, Soho Grand Hotel, New York Fashion Week Autie


The Launch, Soho Grand Hotel, New York Fashion Week Grinko

The Launch, Soho Grand Hotel, New York Fashion Week Grinko

The Launch, Soho Grand Hotel, New York Fashion Week Grinko

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That one time in Paris

Paris. I mean what can I say, it is every girl’s dream to be whisked away to the most romantic city. The food, the culture, the atmosphere, the language; everything about Paris is well, magnificent.

This past visit was nothing short of exceptional. A good friend and I stayed in the ultra posh neighborhood of Le Marais. If you are visiting and want a truly Parisian experience, I highly recommend staying in this neighborhood. It was so much fun to get lost in the neighborhood coming home at night. Walking down the narrow streets in the rain passing by cafe after cafe, and boutique shop after boutique shop. On any given Tuesday, we watched as the locals sit unbothered at 11pm, having a drink while catching up with a friend. It filled my heart.

One of the biggest decisions we made on the trip was to do the ultimate dream… A photoshoot in front of the Eiffel tower. Days leading up to the shoot, we looked all over Paris for outfits and jewelry. We found the prettiest dresses in a cute Parisian shop. At one moment while trying on looks, my friends whispers to me through the velvet curtain “Ellese, we are in Paris trying on dresses in a vintage shop”, neither one of us could stop giggle with pure excitement that this is actually happening.

On the day of the shoot, we woke up very early to rain. That didn’t stop us. After all isn’t it even more romantic to see Paris in the rain? we put on our outfits, did our hair and makeup, and then added an extra layer of clothing to protect us from the cold, wet weather outside. we scurried to the nearby train and road with all the locals heading to work. I can only imagine what they were thinking when they saw these two American girls all decked out on this commuter train. But it didn’t matter. The only thing that matter was, we were actually going to achieve this beautiful dream of ours.

We got off at a stop that is a little further away than the Eiffel tower. A day in advance, we stocked out where we could get a clear photo of the Eiffel Tower in the background. Once there, we began to setup and stripped down to our dresses to start the photoshoot. Since it was raining, there were only a few tourist. Our biggest audience were the national guards who watched the area. They did stare quiet heavily, but never bothered us. In fact, we felt rather safe having them around while our belongings sat to the side.

My friend snapped these photos while it poured, juggling an umbrella in one hand and her professional camera in the other. About 15 minutes later, it was her turn. I bundled up as she changed. She handed over her extremely expensive and heavy camera. “Have you ever used one of these?” she asked. I shook my head and said “Nope” but what better time to learn than now while standing in the rain in Paris.

I juggled my umbrella while snapping photos, just as she had done for me. In the end, we have these incredible photos, and more importantly, these irreplaceable memories of that one time in Paris.

Paris photo shoot, Eiffel Tower

Paris photo shoot, Eiffel Tower

Paris photo shoot, Eiffel Tower

Paris photo shoot, Eiffel Tower

Feel free to visit my friends blog, Fabulizza, to learn how you can replicate this photoshoot on your next trip to Paris!

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5 brands you need to know for fall

My favorite time of the years is upon us!  I thought I would share five brands that you absolutely need to know to make this fall that much better. From forward-thinking, to fun designs these brands will brighten the crisp fall days ahead. Enjoy!

Gorjana: I am a fan of any brand whose slogan is live love layer. Gorjana jewelry is simple, delicate, yet absolutely stunning. I had the opportunity to meet her last year at a rewardStyle meetup. She and her jewelry were such a delight in person.

Rebecca Minkoff: We all know Rebecca makes some of the most beautiful handbags, but did you know that she makes some amazing shoes to match? Her fall boots are to die for. I mean, just look at those thigh-high fringe boots!

Revolve clothing: I am obsessed with Revolve Clothing collection of fitted knitted midi dresses for fall! They are perfect to dress up or dress down. I love them the most for the mere fact that all you need to do is throw one on with heels, and you have a complete look.

Tibi: The colors Tibi uses for fall are perfection! I love the deep evergreen and plum hues. Plus the tie details and the draping for each garment are impeccable. This brand is great for classic fall looks.

Zimmermann: Grey never looked so good. I love the way Zimmermann infuses muted tones with high-quality silhouettes and fabrics. The grey felt brim hat and tassel shoes are some of my favorite pieces from the fall line.

What are you favorites?

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