Dressing For A First Date: The Dos and Don’ts!

First Date Outfits

Meeting a romantic interest is always going to be a bit of a minefield, and if you’re newly dating and navigating the singles pond, chances are you feel like you’re going to sink rather than swim at times! Even after weeks of trawling through strange messages on your online dating sites, weeding out the bad ones and chatting to your prospective new partners, you still have to then go on a date and meet them in person. Much like a job interview, a first date is your opportunity to make a good impression, to sell yourself and show the other person why you would make such a fantastic mate. So the pressure is on, and looking good is definitely part of that. I don’t think there’s a person alive who wouldn’t want to look their best when meeting a romantic interest for the first time, not only to make a good impression for them but so you feel fantastic in yourself too. Here are some pointers for dressing for a first date!

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Give Your Guy The Gift Of Fashion With These Accessories

Men Fashion Gifts

When buying gifts for men, we often forget about fashion accessories. That might be in part because we don’t know their style or think they have one too many ties. But believe it or not, men really love their fashion accessories. To men, the accessory is often the end-all and be-all of fashion statement. So, if you want to get the fashionable man in your life a gift that will help him complete his look, here are a few men fashion gifts to look for.

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3 Tricks in Becoming More Comfortable with Daring Outfits

Daring Outfits

Just about everyone has had that experience of looking at a breathtaking dress, or a jacket that just screams “attitude”, and fighting an inner battle about whether to buy it or not. That battle isn’t just about the price tag, either. It’s all too often about our own lack of confidence in putting ourselves out there and trying something that seems just a bit too daring, or that seems like it was made for people who were just “better” than us in some way.

This kind of thinking has almost always got less to do with reality than it does with our own self image issues. While not every specific outfit will suit every individual person, every category of style you could imagine will have clothes suited to a variety of body types.

It’s all about expanding your comfort zone and learning how to be more courageous about your style. With practice, you can feel comfortable rocking just about any look, and before long you can expect to find yourself happily using effective beauty products like collagen powder in combination with makeup and outfits that the earlier you would have been too shy to dare experiment with.

Here are some tips for getting there.

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5 Amazing Holiday Office Party Outfits

Holiday Office Party Outfits

If your annual holiday office party is coming up, I have just the looks for you. From long dresses to my personal favorite, jumpsuits! Pick a look that suits your personality and impresses your co-workers. No matter what your style is, you can create the perfect outfit for the next holiday office party without looking like everyone else. Find out how below!

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My Simple Holiday Look Perfect For The Season

Simple Holiday Look

I have been really feeling wide leg pants this season. Last year it was leather pencil skirts, this year it is total comfort. I don’t know what encouraged this shift, but I am running with it. I paired a sleeveless turtleneck with the loose fitted pants to give a little bit of skin to a very covered and baggy look. To stay warm between venues, I’d pair a faux fur coat on top. Typically holiday parties are cozy warm inside, and I am perfect in this look. For shoes, I went with white mule loafers but heels are another options. Especially if it is an evening event, I’d wear a fun pair of heels to show off the look.

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The Coolest Fall Color To Rock This Season

light blue coat trending fall color 2017

Happy November, Family! I am so excited for the fresh start to the new month. So many goodies are coming your way. I am eager to share with you. Today is a fun post on the coolest color to rock this fall. I have been on this trend since April, and so pumped to see many other fashion bloggers diving in. Want to know what’s trending? Keep reading!

But before we talk about that popular color. Take a look at the new menu bar! There have been some overnight changes. As you may notice, my attention is shifting to primaryily fashion. I thought long and hard about this but at the end of the day my expertise is in fashion and that’s where I can really help the most. I also added the HOLIDAY SHOP! Woohoo, the holiday season is officially here. I think that’s partly why I am so pumped for the new month, I can finally immerse into Thanksgiving and Christmas cheer. The Holiday Shop is a place you can visit at all times to find gifts for Men, Women, and Hosts.

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The Trendiest Fall Coat in 2017

Trendiest Fall Coat 2017

You know I love a good coat. In fact, it is one piece of item I collect each year. A great statement jacket will elevate any outfit. This seasons trendiest fall coat is super comfy and on my shopping list! I am excited to rock this trend, which is rare for me to say. I often ignore the trend and let it fizzle out, but this one I can totally get on board with. So what’s the trendiest fall coat?

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Best Weekend Sales Plus Missguided Discount Code!

Missguided Discount Code and Weekend Sales

Hello, Weekend! Oh how much I love you. Sleeping in. Staying in bed until noon. Watching my favorite reality tv shows. Online shopping. Just a few of my favorite things! My other favorite thing is saving on items I would normally buy. I rounded up a few of the incredible sales happening this weekend and included a special 40% off everything code for Missguided. It is just a really good day!

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