Casual Friday



Happy Friday! We made it to the weekend, and now it is time to take a breather. I don’t know about you, but this has been one busy week. I am looking forward to slipping into super comfy clothes and watching some really bad reality shows on Bravo.

Today I want to share some tips on how to create a fun casual Friday look that is sleek, timeless, but still has that designer edge. If you know me even a little bit, you know that this is my ultimate go to look. I love clean lines, no fuss accessories, and black denim.

So, how do you get the look? Really easy. I took one main designer and matched my outfit around that piece. As you can see I went with my all time favorite Chanel black quilted purse. For an alternative, more affordable quilted purse, click here!

The other recognizable brand I am rocking are my Ray-Ban shades. That’s it though for brands! A great tip is to never mix too many designers and labels in one outfit. It becomes a little overwhelming otherwise.

For colors, I went with monotones to create a sleek, NYC vibe. The V-neck long sleeve shirt and black denim pants I found at Old Navy.  I suggest tucking in your shirt to instantly kick the outfit up a notch without much effort involved.

Of course, the shoes are from dollhouse, but you can get an even more killer pair here by Jeffrey Campbell. I pulled my hair pack into a loose ponytail to match the simplicity and clean lines of the look.

Casual Friday IMG_5073IMG_5094IMG_5145IMG_5124IMG_5177


Obviously this is a look that goes beyond casual Friday. Comment below on how you style a simple look. Follow along and make sure you subscribe!

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A night with Lulu*s

During NYFW, I attended  Lulu*s Style Studio, and then immediately proceeded to fall love with the brand all over again. The event easily became my number one highlight during the week-long celebration of fashion. Lulu*s went above and beyond decorating three floors full of beauty goodies, drinks, and of course loads of clothes to browse through.

A major plus was how incredibly friendly all the attendees and staff were. More amazing was how each girl looked absolutely stunning despite the torrential downpour happening outside. Everywhere I turned, I was greeted by big time bloggers and YouTubers, who were mingling and enjoying the night as well. My kind of heaven.

On the top floor, I had a chance to browse and snag a couple pieces from Lulu*s clothing line. One piece in particular that I took home was this gorgeous leather jacket. I literally ended up wearing this piece to every event thereafter (stay tuned for a featured post). It is truly the perfect fall jacket.

Additionally, there were a plethora of Lulu*s favorite beauty brands at the event. Shockingly the majority of the beauty products were made san parabens, and of high-quality natural ingredients! Mind Blown.

To me, the night was perfection. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to kick off my very first NYFW!

IMG_4983 IMG_4964 IMG_4973 Lulu's Style Studio NYFW SS2016

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Simple Fall Sweater Look

It is time for sweater season! I am excited for the cooler weather and the chance to wear some extra comfy leggings. However, I am not quite ready to switch out my sandals. Not just yet. Give me one more weekend, please!

fall lookIMG_4760IMG_4763fall look


Wearing My absolute favorite sweater I found in Quebec City by Contemporaine, here is a similar style from Boohoo. Leggings from Zara Basics. The purse is Saint Laurent, a more affordable option can be found here. Shoes are Dollhouse, a similar style by Jeffrey Campbell.

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The Perfect Fall Cocktail Dress

September is here, which means we are one step closer to cooler weather, holiday parties, and fancy occasions to dress up! This is my favorite time of the year, and I couldn’t be more excited to celebrate with a new array of cocktail dresses. After watching a back-to-back marathon of Ladies of London on bravo, I figured let’s hop across the pond to get inspired on what to wear.

A little tip if you have a black tie dinner or a more regal cocktail party, shop bridesmaids dresses. Typically, you can customize the dress in the color you wish, they have a better fit, and they are cheaper than a designer gown!  I went ahead and partnered up with to show you how to find the perfect fall cocktail dress for much less. How much less? I am talking all under $100.

fall dresses for under 100

Dress one is a classic little black dress with a sweetheart neckline. I love that the tulle has polka dot detailing! I find it adds a soft feminine touch. This is a great dress for any fancy occasion because of how versatile it is. Add a shall and clutch to complete the outfit. Voila, you are set. It is priced at $77!

The second dress is a gorgeous satin, pleated, A-line dress. This is perfect for a formal brunch, or to attend a holiday play.  There are many colors to choose from, I would go with a navy blue to make it more festive for the season. All you need is to add a cardigan! This is priced at $70.

Last but certainly not least, the red structured dress is ready to make any woman a bombshell this fall season. The bow detailing and tulip hemline adds just enough personality to this look without going overboard. If you are not a fan of the red hue, there are plenty of colors to choose from. Personally, this is my number one pick for a holiday party. I can see myself pairing the dress with black detailed stockings and crush velvet block heels for a sweet yet fierce look. Priced at only $70, it is a steal!

Which look would you wear?

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One Last Summer Fling

This summer came and went in a nano second. As a last hoorah here is a fun, colorful photo shoot. This was taken in Astoria, Queens; a neighborhood I am all too familiar with. If you ever visit New York City, I highly suggest taking the N or Q train out to taste some amazing Greek food.

The dress is from Mango in a fuschia and pleated tiered detailing. I love how soft the dress is and the way it flows beautifully in the summer breeze. I decided to wear the nude wedges and tan purse by Rebecca Minkoff to keep the look casual. The dress would also look incredible with black accessories for an evening attire.

How are you wrapping up the summer season? Link below your end of summer posts if you wish!

one last summer fling

summer style fashion. labor day

summer fling style

end of summer fashion style

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Summer to Fall Outfit Ideas

Goodbye summer, hello fall! It is that time of year to prepare yourself for cooler weather and new clothing options. However, it is simple to transition from summer to fall with key fashion pieces. September tends to be a fickle month ranging from warm days to cooler nights. Here are ways to style some fall looks without buying a whole new wardrobe and wearing your summer favorites just a tad longer! I provided links to similar looking pieces in case you want to recreate the look.

Summer to Fall transitional looks:

1) In outfit one, I chose a summer dress in a leopard print and threw on a loose black kimono sweater. To make it more fall appropriate, I added red pointed heels and a soft black and gold chain clutch. This outfit is perfect for an evening date!

2) Outfit two, I took my classic denim and white tee shirt to a new level by pairing it with a thick checkered sweater. For shoes, I went for black booties that are comfortable and just spells fall! This is a great look for a casual day walking through the farmers market, to a movie night.

3) Look three is my favorite loaded with personality. I am not ready to retire my mint green taffeta skirt just yet so I threw on a button down gray sweater with jeweled beading on top. I buttoned the sweater all the way down except for the last three and used the excess material to tie the sweater into a tight knot leaving a very chic finish. This is so perfect for a girls day shopping or for a much-needed coffee chat.

Summer to Fall transitional looks

summer to fall outfit

summer to fall transitional looks

I love this option of styling. It allows me to save my fashion budget for October, November, and December where the climate is cooler and there are tons of fun fashion options to indulge in.

For more inspiration on how to style for warm days to cool nights (aka September weather) check out the interview I did with Ensambl! We talk about ways to layer up in ways that are convenient yet chic.

The links are affiliated via rewardStyle.

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Fall Booties You Need Now

My favorite season is almost here, and I cannot wait one minute longer. I eagerly await the crisp fall air and the chance to layer up. A top must have for fall is of course, cute booties! I love booties that are comfortable and perfect to dress down for long days at work or sight-seeing. For those reasons, I love wedged booties or low block heeled booties. I am slightly obsessing over the thought of pairing these babies with distressed denim for a cool walk through central park.

For nights out, a sleek leather bootie always does the trick! I am seeing a lot of nude colors, as well as classic black. Two other trends that will be fun to play with this fall are cut-out heels and fringe. It is a great way to add a little extra flair to an outfit while creating new fall looks.

I primarily stay away from open-toed booties. They seem impractical for the cold weather and hard to wear during summer and spring. How do you like to pair your booties? Let me know in the comment section below!

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Can you believe these are not DESIGNER?

Designer duds are expensive. I know, I get it. As beautiful as they are, sometimes it is not practical, to throw down a thousand dollars every time you fall in love with a purse. Ah, the struggle is real!

But fear not, there is a way to get what you want and on any budget. And I am here to help! Using my eye for detail, I scouted for top designer looks that cost a fraction of the price. I went to Target, yes Target, to find these perfect matches that look identical to the real thing!

Flip through the slide show to see for yourself how to score the look for less. The first slide show is all the steals! While the second features the actual designer pieces that inspire each pick. You can choose where you want to splurge and save. Or just completely save on every piece!

Let me know in the comments below if this was helpful and something you would like to see more of in future posts!

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The Nékter Classic Cleanse Detox Review

The Nekter Juice Cleanse

When I arrived in California about two years ago, I would hear the phrase “juicing” over and over. I thought, “that’s strange, why is everyone taking steroids?” I am from New York, the only people who juice are athletes… illegally. So when I discovered that “juicing” is a juice cleanse consisting of veggies and fruits, I became relieved and bewildered. How can someone drink just juice for three days? And why would anyone want to do that?

Fast forward a year and a half later, and I accepted the juicing challenge . For three days I just drank juice using the Nékter Classic Cleanse detox. This is what happened.


It was right after Easter and I needed a change. I was tired of eating overly processed junk food, and felt sick looking at the family size bags of chocolates my mom gave me for the holiday. Up to this point, I had never done anything remotely like a juice cleanse, but I have tried a few juices and discovered they tasted pretty nice! Who would have thought something so green could taste delicious.

I figured if I really want to be serious about my health, which I did, then I have to get rid of all the junk inside first. I immediately placed all the chocolates in the freezer (no way I could throw them out just yet), and made a trek down to my local Nékter Juice Bar. The only reason why I went with this company was 1) convenience 2) the juice packages were on sale.

Nékter Classic Cleanse juice detox cleanse


I bought one of Nékter’s super lime green thermal bags filled with six different juices, numbered and labeled. A small brochure was inside explaining what to expect and how to use the package I just bought.

Getting home I opened up bottle number one, a green mixture of apple,cucumber, kale, spinach, celery, mint and lime. Drinking it I thought, “Well, this shouldn’t be too bad.” Famous last words.

It wasn’t until the late afternoon that my body started craving solid food. I was hungry, foggy, and craving everything that I had consumed in the last 72 hours. It was as if my cell’s were reminding me my last meals as they detoxify. It was weird.

I drank bottle, 2,3,4,5 of the Nékter Classic Cleanse with ease, allowing 2 hours in between each bottle. I loved the lemon, agave, and cayenne pepper drink the most. It was super refreshing. It might also be because I love the taste of lemons. Drink number 6 was the hardest one to consume. It was vanilla cashew milk, and it was disgusting! I love cashews, but apparently not blended. And I hate vanilla. I was so looking forward to this last drink too after having all fruits and veggies all day. Alas, I plugged my nose and took big gulps to get it down. The only plus was it did fill me up substantially, and I slept like a baby that evening.

Nékter Classic Cleanse juice detox cleanse


The next morning, I got up and literally said out loud “Ha Ha. Well, I am never doing that again.” The first day was hard, and I had no interest in returning to Nékter to buy a second round of juices. As I went to prepare breakfast, I realized the milk in my fridge had spoiled. As I began lacing up my shoes, the most bizarre thing happened. I began craving some of that green juice!

Before I knew it, I had another lime green bag in my hand, and I was on day two. Day two wasn’t as bad as the first day. I had a better idea of what to expect. The hunger pains weren’t as horrific. I was still pretty foggy, which came out in my work. I submitted a writing project that was completely rejected and asked for plenty revisions. But, I made it through the day and evening just fine.

Nékter Classic Cleanse juice detox cleanse


There was no question about doing day three, mainly because I spent the money and invested in this detox I might as well go all the way. I was rather proud to be picking up my third and last lime green bag of the Nékter Classic Cleanse detox. I announced that this was my last day. The cashier said congrats, and I waved goodbye.

Things seemed to be going really well, had an easy time getting the juices down, didn’t feel as hungry. I did nibble on a few almonds, which in the pamphlet said was allowed. I met up with my cousin for quality time and was actually even able to hold a conversation. The fog was starting to lift.

The only complaint I had was that when I reached for the sixth bottle, the nasty cashew drink, I noticed that this time it was spoiled! It smelled rotten and was a yellowish color. I decided to toss it out and go to sleep. I was officially done with the cleanse!

Nékter Classic Cleanse juice detox cleanse


  • The detox really did get EVERYTHING out of my system
  • It tasted great (except for drink 6)
  • It was affordable
  • It jump-started my healthy eating habits
  • It caused me to look at food in a whole new light

I would have never thought that a simple three-day detox would change my perspective of food as much as it has. It opened up my eyes to realize how much crap we as a nation put into our bodies daily, AND we think it is normal! It made me realize how completely unnecessary a double bacon cheeseburger is. I realized how bombarded we are as a whole with media advertisement of fast food, unhealthy eating, quick fix unnatural dieting tactics. This detox drastically showed me how much better homemade, whole foods are for my body. The process of transitioning into a better eating plan was so much easier because of detoxing first. It truly reboot my whole system, mind, body and soul.


  • Check the bottles before buying to makes sure they aren’t spoiled.
  • Drink plenty of water! It helps with the detox process.
  • If you need to eat almonds or veggies, just do it. It will help you get through the process without completely giving up.
  • Use a pre-planed prepackaged juice cleanse to start. I had no clue what I was doing, so having it together for me was perfect.
  • As always, check with a doctor or a nutritionist before doing anything!

Stay tuned! It has been six months since I last did a detox, and I am ready for the next cycle. This time I am making my own juices and lasting a few days longer!

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