Best Faux Fur Coats For The Holidays 2017

faux fur coats

There are so many more options these days to buy faux fur coats that look so incredibly real and are just as warm. They are super chic and a great way to upgrade any winter look. I love wearing my faux fur coat to holiday parties and dinners. It’s a nice change from my everyday puffer coat!

This season, I really love the multitude of color options available as well as different lengths. I think it is fun to play around with the variety of options and have a coat for certain occasions. For instance, this evergreen faux fur coat is perfect to hang with the girls and this stunning faux mink is great to attend events in. Here are several other options I am drooling over this season. I hope you enjoy!

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Puffer Coats That Will Keep You Toasty

puffer coats

If you are on the hunt for the perfect winter jacket that will keep you toasty, then check out these puffer coats. If you live in the Northeast, it is almost a requirement to have a few puffer coats in your closet to get through the winter warmly. I have a couple in different lengths. I have my long puffer coat and I have a shorter version.

I really like the different colors that brands are putting out this year. Light pink and metallics have been popular and something I am interested in adding to my collection. I tend to gravitate towards coats that are belted to give a bit of a shape to the puffer coat. They also happen to be warmer, keeping any air from coming up from underneath.

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How to Score Designer handbags for Less

If you ever meet me, the first think you will quickly learn is that I am the Queen of finding a great deal. Hotels, flights, apartments, food- against all odds I manage to find unbeatable prices. It is a skill set I am tempted to put on my résumé.

When it comes to designer handbags, I’ve learned ways to buy them at a fraction of the cost or at the very least save a few hundred dollars off the regular price tag. Today I want to share with you, how you can grab a designer bag for as little as $100 and Chanel under $1000. I am not kidding! And if you are a big time Louis Vuitton fan, check this out.

Thanks to The Real Real, Saks Off Fifth Avenue, and a few other amazing outlets; owning your very own designer bag is certainly possible. I love shopping through these companies because I can rest assure that what I am buying is authentic. Plus rebuying pieces helps reduce the carbon footprint. Take a look at these beautiful pieces and click on the image that fascinates you for more shopping details. Enjoy!

If that isn’t enough here are some super savers! Let me know in the comment below which ones are your favorites! Is there a particular brand or style you are on the hunt for? Let me know.
Want more info of the featured purses, scroll and click these:
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