Learn What Rent The Runway Just Announced!

What Rent The Runway Just Announced!

If you have been following this blog for a little bit, you may have picked up on the fact that I love Rent The Runway. I wrote two reviews (here and here), and recommend them all the time. In my opinion, it is the best way to do sustainable fashion and try all the latest designer pieces.

Today, Rent the Runway announce a new monthly rental plan and I am soo pumped about it. To my UK friends, I’ll try to see if there is an equivalent to this program for you! For my US readers, here all the deets! BTW, I am not sponsored by Rent The Runway and never had, I truly just am in love with the company and their services.

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All About The Sock Boot Trend

sock boots

The hottest boot trend this season is the sock boot. We saw it popping up last year as a big trend and it is here for another season. It is a fun way to update your wardrobe, try something new, and play around with fashion. This is a trend, so I wouldn’t invest too much money on these boots but enough to have a lil fun! In this article, I’ll share how to style the sock boot and several affordable pairs to style. Keep reading!

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7 Simple To Create Halloween Costume Ideas

7 Simple to Create Halloween Costumes 2017

Happy Friday the 13th! For this spooky day, I thought why not dive into some easy to create Halloween costume ideas. I am on the fence with this holiday. Some years I love it, other years I could do without it. Apparently this year I am more into the idea of dressing up and celebrating. My biggest issue every year is what can I easily create using items I can reuse or wear again. I hate spending tons of money on a costume that eventually gets donated or tossed out. I came up with a list of 7 ideas that use household items, wardrobe essentials, and affordable accessories to complete the look.

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Columbus Day Sales 2017 – Where You Need To Shop!

Columbus Day Sales 2017

Happy first long weekend of Fall! The sales are insane this year, and I wanted to take a moment to share what I found. I am stocking up on sweaters, cute boots, and jeans this season. I literally ripped my last two super comfy jeans and in dire need to add a couple loose fit denim pants to the crew.

I surprisingly found some incredible pieces from Abercrombie and Fitch as well as Asos, and H&M. All sweaters and jeans are very budget friendly. I also found some really cute pieces for the holiday parties that are right around the corner. Isn’t that crazy? These are a bit more expensive but are great going out staples to have in the closet to choose from in the upcoming months.

I hope you enjoy shopping! Let me know in the comments what you’re shopping for this season. You can always shop my favorites here.

Columbus Day Sales 2017

Make sure you click through to see all the color options!

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The Newest Technology Made By Google 

Today Google released the latest innovated technology that will soon hit the market place and our homes. I was invited as a Team Pixel Ambassador to attend the big announcement in person held at the Jazz Center in San Francisco. Here are all the details on what to expect next from Google.

To kick off the big announcement, I met the Google Team Pixel the night before at their San Francisco offices. I met other members from across the country and connected with familiar Pixel users.

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My October Music Playlist

October Music Playlist

Happy Fall, Happy October! This is my absolute favorite month of the year and I cannot believe it is here! I am soaking it up as much as I can. Yesterday to celebrate I went for a walk around my neighborhood. One year ago, I moved into the apartment I am in now, and I am more and more in love with it. It was a beautiful day in NYC and everyone was out with their family and friends. It was really nice to see.

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