Adulting Is Rough But I Rather Learn Now

Adulting can be rough

I am writing this while laying on my hardwood floors drinking my second cup of coffee after spending two hours doing accounting and the morning deep cleaning the apartment. Looking through other drafted articles I had ready to go for this Friday, I realized let’s just begin with where I am today… Adulting is tough, man, but I rather learn that now.

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My Slightly Insane Bedtime Routine

bedtime routine

I recently discovered a trick to sleep so soundly and easily while calming my anxiety before going to bed. It never occurred to me that I may need a routine to relax at night. What I discovered helps prevent those restless nights thinking about work and “what am I doing in my life”. Take a look!

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What it is really like to be a blogger

What it is really like to be a blogger

I wanted to write this article after reading a fellow blogger’s real life experience. It made me laugh so hard and I could relate to every piece. Just like every industry, there is a lot the goes on behind the scenes that you probably wouldn’t even think about. It may shock you how ridiculously REAL it gets being a blogger. After all, we are just humans. Have a look!

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The One Trick You Need To Be Successful

One trick you need to be successful

There’s one thing I do consistently that has proven to be the trick to success. I’ve done this thing every single day for 10 years. I’ve heard other successful leaders vouch for the practice, and deemed it as their reason for success as well. The one trick you need to be successful is…

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Women Owned Businesses Easy to Support (this list might shock you!)

women owned businesses

You know I love to help and support my fellow female entrepreneurs! When and where I can, I love to show my support with my $$$. Here is a list of women owned businesses, and most were formed in the efforts of helping and supporting other women. All the feels right now…

Tone It Up

Two awesome trainers started the booming workout community that strives to empower other women! Karena and Katrina share workout tips, easy to make recipes, and have daily toning moves on their website. They also have a one-time fee nutrition plan that will help you gadge what to eat and how much depending on your dietary needs. I paid the fee and can tell you first hand it is so worth it! Learn more here. Also, their protein products are now at Target!


The fastest growing woman-owned business in the US founded by Sarah Kauss. The water bottle that keeps cold liquids cold for 12 hours and hot liquids hot for 8, just became more empowering to use.


The natural cotton tampon company providing healthy feminine care. These women care about our health and reproductive systems and are providing safe, hygienic alternatives. Thanks, ladies!


The no nonsense vitamin essentials geared to support women’s health. When the founder, Kat was pregnant, she couldn’t find a prenatal vitamin worth swallowing. So she created her own, without all the gross additives and fillers. For $30 a month, that’s a pretty good deal.


Started from a blog now their here… as a mega-booming skincare line for the real girls out there.

The Skimm

start your day informed with this condensed, often witty version of what’s happening in the world mail straight to your inbox.

Rent The Runway

In my opinion, the most genius fashion innovation of our time, where you can rent designer clothes for a small fee. Who wears the same dress anyway?

This super cute accessories and clothing company will brighten anyone’s day.

Clare V.

Famous for her clutch, has now developed a line of clothes and other handbags. All the cool girls rock her.

If you want to help support my blog (this female entrepreneur!), shop through my site. I use links that will generate a commission from the retailer, and it won’t affect your price! Simply click on the image you want to shop, and that’s it! It helps me to continue to create articles like these that are authentic and from my heart. Thank you always!

Photo by Kelly Brito on Unsplash

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Your Happiness Is More Important Than Other People’s Misery

Your Happiness Is More Important

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Wow, that is a loaded title!! I mean dang, but this idea and topic came from the conversation that formed under the article, ‘ 5 Defeating Actions Keeping You From Success‘. What a powerful conversation that was and a great way to bring the community together. Thank you to everyone who shared!

I noticed a majority of comments touched on the idea of not taking on other people’s problems. The messages ranged from having a hard time with this idea to completely seeing how it has changed lives, and others spoke about how they really want to implement this idea into their current life. I found this fascinating and was really moved by each one.

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How to Prevent Feeling Overwhelmed

prevent feeling overwhelmed

I am not sure about you, but this Summer has been packed full of work, events, exciting moments, and personal challenges. It is easy to feel overwhelmed by constant change, long lists of things to do, and commitments. I recently learned these three easy tricks to relieve some of that stress. Keep reading!

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Confession: I allowed people’s opinions to hold me back

people please and self worth. How to value who you are!

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Not too long ago, I cared more about other people’s opinions, comfort, and well-being than my own. And it was stifling my career.

I developed this serious obsession with people pleasing. The idea was lodged in my head that I am not supposed to “take too much”, “ask too much”, and “make sure I don’t rock the boat”. I said yes to obligations because I truly didn’t know how to say no. My time was no longer mine. If this makes sense to you, keep reading…

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