The Coolest Fall Color To Rock This Season

light blue coat trending fall color 2017

Happy November, Family! I am so excited for the fresh start to the new month. So many goodies are coming your way. I am eager to share with you. Today is a fun post on the coolest color to rock this fall. I have been on this trend since April, and so pumped to see many other fashion bloggers diving in. Want to know what’s trending? Keep reading!

But before we talk about that popular color. Take a look at the new menu bar! There have been some overnight changes. As you may notice, my attention is shifting to primaryily fashion. I thought long and hard about this but at the end of the day my expertise is in fashion and that’s where I can really help the most. I also added the HOLIDAY SHOP! Woohoo, the holiday season is officially here. I think that’s partly why I am so pumped for the new month, I can finally immerse into Thanksgiving and Christmas cheer. The Holiday Shop is a place you can visit at all times to find gifts for Men, Women, and Hosts.

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The Trendiest Fall Coat in 2017

Trendiest Fall Coat 2017

You know I love a good coat. In fact, it is one piece of item I collect each year. A great statement jacket will elevate any outfit. This seasons trendiest fall coat is super comfy and on my shopping list! I am excited to rock this trend, which is rare for me to say. I often ignore the trend and let it fizzle out, but this one I can totally get on board with. So what’s the trendiest fall coat?

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Fall 2017 Sneak Peek… And it is amazing

Fall 2017

It is no secret, I love fall. I love fall clothes, I love fall weather, I love pumpkin everything. It makes me incredibly happy. So seeing what’s in store this fall for fashion, my jaw dropped. It is everything I could ever want and more. Tons of gold accessories. Really fun bright colors. White shoes galore. And of course, a personal favorite, lots of fun sleeves!

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Looks For Less: Trending Accessories

Chloe Nile bag

There have been a few new accessories that have been trending lately amongst the blogging community. The biggest one has been these Zara pearl sandals. I mean they are so cute, they’re pretty hard to resist. I was scrolling through my IG feed and saw Courtney Kerr wearing a very similar pair but half the price! I starting shopping for other alternatives when I saw several pieces that look identical and for a more affordable price. (though $50 for a pair of sandals are pretty reasonable).

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The top 10 basket bags to carry this Summer

This trend has been spotted by bloggers starting all the way back in Summer ’16. Yet, the love for basket bags hasn’t died down one bit. These cute, unique, and fun purses will take your daily look to the next level. The geometric designs and wood material reminds me of summer picnics and beach days. But these beauties are perfect for cityscapes and date nights as well.

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TREND ALERT: A round up of round sunglasses

Super trendy eyewear is one of the easiest ways to take a summer staple and infuse it with today’s culture. Round sunglasses is what’s currently on trend. Think 60s eyewear but with a fun twist. I am obsessed with the following sunglasses, mainly because they take the trend and make it unique to that specific brand. That and I haven’t seen every single supermodel and celeb wearing these yet. Meaning, you’ll get to be the trendspotter, which is way more fun!

round sunglasses

Can you spot the designer shades from the retail brands? Click to see if you are right! Shop these round sunglasses and more of my favorites below:

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TREND ALERT: One Shoulder Tops Are Super Hot

Last season it was all about the off the shoulder tops, this spring and summer it is all about the one shoulder sleeve tops!

I love mixing up silhouettes, it keeps looks fresh and it is just plain fun to play around with. This look can be very bold depending on how much frill you want, or extremely sleek. These tops are great for date night, office parties (look at the sleek ones!), or weekend excursions. I would pair them with white denim, wide leg pants, or maxi skirts depending on the look I wanted to create. Of course, any of these could be paired with cutoff denim shorts to create a very casual look.

Have fun with this new Spring and Summer style. One shoulder sleeve tops are so fun and flirty. It’s hard to wear these without smiling. Show me how you style this look on Instagram with #rockpaperglam!

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