Inside My Travel Bag

Hi Friends! This year has been the year of travel. Starting with a cross-country move, to visiting Quebec for the holidays, spending time in Florida for the winter, all the way through to my one-month travels in Europe. And the year is not over yet! I have one more trip up to New York for Fashion Week, and I am preparing my carry-on bag as we speak.

Usually something is forgotten in the mix of the excitement, so I thought today it would be fun to list all the essentials I bring with me as my airplane carry-on. These are necessities I would pack whether it is a short trip up the coast or a long trip across the pond. Equally beneficial for both types of travelers.

For starters, I have to have a bag that is going to fit everything! I fell in love with this Henri Bendel weekend bag for two reasons. First, there is a separate compartment below for added space. Secondly, it zips all the way close on top making sure nothing spills out. I also really love the fact that the straps are adjustable which helps when I want to wear it cross-body, on one shoulder, or use the handles to give my shoulders a break. The leather detailing on the bottom of the bag, handle clasp, and tasseled zippers are a nice touch of luxury.

travel bag

henri bendel weekender


Once I have my big bag, it is time to pack! Here is everything I place inside:

  1. The most important is my wallet (also from bendel) and some sort of ID. I can’t fly without them!
  2. All my electronics. iPhone, iPod, Kindle. Plus the charges for each. I made the mistake of not bringing chargers and was stuck in the airport for hours due to a blizzard. Needless to say, I overspent on chargers to keep my electronics running.
  3. Snacks. My absolute favorite plane snacks are Combos and Sprite, but some sort of trail mix is also a great thing to have on hand.
  4. Altitude sickness meds. I am a lost cause without these!
  5. Magazines. I overload on entertainment, I never know what I am going to be in the mood for. So I might as well have it all!
  6. Headphones. A definite necessity to listen to music or movies on the plane.
  7. Sunglasses. Especially if I am going to a sunny place like LA. I love these Fendi sunnies, they are just super fun.
  8. Sandals or other weather appropriate gear for where I am heading. I might go straight from the airport to an event and like to be prepared.
  9. My favorite Paraben free deodorant, lip balm, makeup, and hair ties! These are great especially for longer flights to touch up once landing. I keep them in my DVF makeup pouch.
  10. Business cards and a small notebook. I never know who I am going to run into on the plane or in the airport. Best to be prepared.
  11. A sweatshirt because I get cold really easily on planes! Not photographed because I usually am wearing my sweatshirt through security.

Let me know in the comments below if you want a list of items I bring with me in my checked suitcase as well!

What to pack for a trip

travel guide on what to pack

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What’s in my purse at all times!

Because we are human, and that means we are nosy by default. So here’s what is inside my purse!

Tory Burch Purse; Moo Business Cards, Ray Bans Sunglasses, Burts Bees Chapstick, Aveda Stress Relief Hand Lotion, iPod, Babyganics Sunscreen, Billionaire Boyfriend Perfume roller, Henri Bendel iPhone + Wallet Case, Car Keys

I am obsessed with my pale pink Tory Burch purse for this summer season. I love the adjustable straps that easily convert into a cross body. I am also incredibly impressed by how much stuff it can carry. Speaking of which…

I always carry my business cards. These beauties are from Moo Cards. I love how rich they feel, and professional they look. You never know who you may meet during your day…

Ray Bans, of course. What else is new. I love these baby’s and how they protect my eyes.

Chapstick by burts bees and hand lotion by Aveda to keep my skin hydrated all day long.

My trusty iPod for fun tunes to help bump to during work at the market place.

Sunscreen by Babyganics, because I truly am a child. No just kidding, I bough it because it is free of: paba, phthalates, parabens, fragrances, and nano-particles. Plus it is TEAR FREE! Which is huge because I kinda had a problem with that in my last sunscreen (boy does that burn the eyes)

Billionaire Boyfriend roll on perfume, because doesn’t everyone want to smell like works of art. Plus I just love the name. Drool.

My absolute favorite floral wallet by Henri Bendel! It is a wallet plus and iPhone carrier. I am seriously obsessed by it.

Then of course my car keys. I live in LA, this is how life works.

What’s in your purse? Let me know in the comments bellow.

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