A Guide To Choosing Beautiful Diamond Earrings

Most women (self-included) dream of owning a pair of elegant diamond stud earrings. Often, we have no clue where to start the processes of picking the perfect diamond. There are so many elements to take into consideration! We’ve heard about the 4C’s before, but do you even know what that means? Luckily for you, we’ve gathered some practical tips to guide you on your journey in buying you very own pair of diamond earrings.

How to pick the perfect color for your diamond earrings

 The finest diamonds found on Earth are usually rare and colorless, and not to mention, expensive. According to the GIA grading scale, G-I are considered to be almost colorless while diamonds with D-F grades are colorless. A diamond with a J grade or under has a slight tinge of yellowish color. However, keep in mind that no matter what your color preference is, the diamond color does not have any effect on its sparkle and brightness.

Brilliant and scintillation

The brilliance of a diamond is defined as the total amount of white light that’s reflected from the stone to your eye. That is why it is important to choose a diamond that is well-cut.

Diamonds: Brilliance vs. Cost

It is sensible that the higher the quality of a diamond, the higher is its price. If you are looking for a beautiful and brilliant diamond at a reasonable price, choose the one that offers complete clarity and has a G-H color. There are also earrings with a moderate price, but earrings of such quality can still provide a brilliant display of light. Let’s delve deep into the reasons:

  • The cut can provide life and brilliance into a diamond
  • When mounted on the metal, G-H color can look just as colorless as D-F.
  • A diamond that has SI2 (slight inclusions or flaw) clarity doesn’t have any obvious flaws and it usually cost less than a diamond with higher clarity yet still maintains its brilliance.

In case you have a smaller budget, there’s nothing wrong with purchasing a diamond stud earrings of a lower quality. Diamonds will never fail to sparkle when you wear them.

If you are looking for a pair of stunning diamond earrings, you can purchase online at www.simonwestjewellery.com. This premier jewelry shop offers a wide range of diamond jewelry with the best cut, color, and clarity.

Choosing the right clarity

It is very rare for a diamond not to have any inclusions or flaws. Diamonds with few to no flaws usually are priced higher. However, flaws do not have any major impact on the diamond as they are actually not visible to the naked eye.

Experts recommend buying the ones with grade SI2 (slight inclusion 2) or up. But, if you are still short on budget, choose a diamond with an I1 (included 1) grade but make sure that the inclusions (flaws) are only on the outer edge.

Choosing the right cut

Among the 4Cs of a diamond (cut, color, clarity, carat), the cut of the diamond is considered the most important attribute. A well-cut diamond will reflect light internally and shows its brilliance through the top of the stone. So if you are shopping for a pair of diamond earrings, take a look into the top center. A poorly cut diamond has dark facets right in the middle of the stone.

Feel free to look back at this helpful guide when you are ready to shop for the diamond earrings of your dreams.

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Image by nicolee_camacho via Flickr

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What to Pack for A Weekend Getaway

My favorite part of the warmer weather seasons is the ability to get away for a short weekend. When you live in New York City year round, you desperately need a little getaway from the smoldering, crowded streets. I personally dream of a simple car trip up to the Cape or a bus ride to the Montauk. The Berkshires, Catskills, and even Greenwich are all within reach of NYC. The key is to find a cozy hotel or house to rent for a weekend that is quiet, spacious and hopefully comes with a pool.

So what should you pack for your weekend getaway? I always suggest packing less. The whole reason for the escape is to relieve stress. The last thing you want is to lug a bulky suitcase around. All you really need are great walking shoes, a camera to snap photos of the trip, some leisure reading, and sunscreen! My favorite of the moment is Kiss My Face sunscreen (all natural).

weekend getaway packing list

As for clothes, pack a swimsuit, swim coverup, and a cute maxi dress that will take you from day to night easily! I’ve listed a few examples below.

And that’s it! You are ready to go. Let me know in the comments where your dream getaway would be! For more weekend getaway ideas, check out this list by HomeAway!


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Red Dress for the Summer?

Lately, I have been drawn to lots of red maxi dresses. I love the richness and depth of the color and how beautifully it flows in the wind. I have never been particularly drawn to the color before, but this season I have seen it in many designer lines. It made me question, what is the meaning behind the ultimate summer red dress?

Red has always been a popular and powerful color. Whether we are talking about the red carpet with all its glitz and glam, or discussing celebs that are photographed in their stunning floor-length red gowns, red has elicited a certain effect.

There’s no doubt that this color is bold and attracts a lot of attention but could there be more than meets the eye? Could choosing a dress this shade really make that much of a difference than choosing a pink dress? Or a blue dress? Well, let’s find out!

What effect does wearing red have?

There have been several studies carried out on why the color red is so popular.

Many women wear red in general because it stands out amongst the crowd. Think about a red convertible. It catches the eye immediately. Think of a bold red lipstick, it stands out against the rest of your makeup. Same goes with a red dress. It is attention grabbing. Bold. Especially when it is a bright red.

Take a look at the Prom Dress Shop’s fancy and chic red prom dresses for instance. Each dress is dramatic, bold and will definitely make heads turn. They can obviously be worn more than just for prom, including an everyday summer look. There is such an array of styles from various designers, you can get a good feel for one that suits you.

What other effects are there of wearing red?

Some studies even claim that wearing a red dress may make a woman feel more confident. Red also elicits luxury, power, and determination. For years, it has represented prestige, commonly worn by kings and people with high nobility. Red is a symbol for authority. Maybe you want to display your success or strong personality? A red dress is the perfect way to do so.

Take a look at the other reasons to wear red this summer:

  • The bold color will help distinguish yourself amongst the rest. Especially when you are at an event you want to be noticed.
  • It emulates a bold, powerful look. It shows confidence and determination.
  • Even in a simple red dress, it looks elegant and put together.
  • It is fun and flirty, a great way to play with your wardrobe.
  • It adds instant richness to your look.
  • It is daring and shows you are not afraid of taking risks in life.

Will you be wearing red this summer? What would you like to convey while wearing the dramatic color? Let me know in the comments below.

This article is published in partnership with Mediabuzzer

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How to Treat and Protect Silver Jewelry

I never knew how to take care of precious silver jewelry. As it is one of the most durable of all the precious metals, and more affordable than gold and platinum, I’ve always wanted to invest! However, I tend to fret over purchasing silver pieces because I was scared of them tarnishing or looking dull. These simple steps on how to treat and protect silver jewelry have been a game changer! I hope you enjoy.

What Does Tarnish Mean?

Have you ever seen a piece of silver jewelry that doesn’t look as new and shiny as it did when you first got it? Tarnish on silver jewelry is a layer of corrosion that has formed on the metal. This happens as the metal undergoes a chemical reaction with other compounds, particularly sulfur dioxide and oxygen. Tarnish is typically caused by the way a piece of jewelry is stored and used.

We have put together some top tips that will help you to keep your beautiful sterling silver items looking like new. In fact, preventing tarnish on your pieces is a lot less work than having to remove the tarnish.

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Red-Carpet Trends Making It to Proms In 2016


Image by Peaches Boutique

When I went to prom, it was a very different era. Back then there weren’t any Prom guidelines or blogs for us 17-year-old girls to reference! We hadn’t mastered our hair or makeup because Youtube wasn’t around. And our only real sense of fashion was what was being displayed in the windows of Short Hills Mall.  So we all kind of winged it. I wore a simple long black satin dress with a crystal drop necklace. It was pretty boring and pretty expensive.

Luckily times has changed and in the smallest efforts to get back that rather embarrassing moment, I thought I’d help out any future prom-goers with this simple trend outline for Prom 2016.

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11 Spring Essentials to Snag Now

We already went over three transitional coats to have this Spring, but what else will you need? With the weather warming up, it is finally that exciting moment to switch out the dark, drab winter clothes for some new, fun Spring essentials! I love adding new jewelry, sunglasses and hats to the mix to really make my Spring look complete.

Without delay, here are 11 Spring Essentials!

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3 Transitional Coats You Need for Spring

Spring is one of those tricky seasons where it is still rather cool out especially in the evenings, but it is just too darn exciting to see the peek of warmer weather during the day. While a coat is still very much needed, it doesn’t need to be a heavy wool peacoat. Try one of these three light-weight jackets that will instantly update your look for Spring.

The fun part of these three styles is that it will take your staples and turn them into three very distinct looks. To demonstrate, I wore the same base outfit (V-neck top, Banana Republic black pants 40% off with code SPRINGFUN, Vince Camuto black heels and Loft aviators) with each jacket style. Watch as the look complete changes with each coat!

Faux Leather Jacket

Such a classic Spring jacket that keeps your style edgy and fierce. This look is perfect for concerts, casual brunches with friends or date night. There are plenty of faux leather jackets that look  better than real leather. Mine is from Blackswan Clothing, but here are a few of my favorites:


Trench Coat


Another absolute classic is the tan trench coat. While very structured lapels look too boxy on my body frame, I opted for a softer silhouette. I love that the drawstring cinches the waist and the sleeves have elastic cuffs adding a bit more of a feminine touch. Mine is from Zara. Here are more amazing trench coat options:



This coat style has been trending every since Kim Kardashian stepped out in one last year. I think it is a beautiful trend that can really take a simple outfit and turn it into a glamorous look. I especially love the olive green color of this duster, a color we will see a lot of this upcoming fall and winter. Mind is from W by Worth. Here are a few more of my favorite duster jackets that will make your Spring look complete:

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Trending: Bow Tie Power

This is one trend I can really get into. I love bows, but not the uber feminine, doll type bows. More the I-am-killing-you-softly-with-this-bow. A loose knotted bow is both super chic and powerful. Plus it will elevate any outfit quickly. My person favorites are thin black ribbon ties loosely around the collar of a white button down.  My other favorite is a thick silk bow tie along a collar of a blouse in the same color. I know, I know they are the two extremes of the trend! The dainty thin black tie is modest while the thick silk bow is a declaration.

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Red Carpet Worthy Dresses

As I mentioned in a post, last month I attended the Oscar’s Vanity Fair Social Club and a special screening of the Oscars. Needless to say, it was an occasion to dress up! What I realized later is the look I scored would be perfect for any formal dinners or black tie weddings you may have. So today, I thought I would share the process of picking a red carpet worthy look so you too can dress like a movie star during any formal events this Spring!

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