Black Friday and Cyber Monday Tips

Who needs retail therapy? I feel like this is the most appropriate article for today. Shopping does the soul good. I also wanted to highlight the fact that we are merely weeks away from Thanksgiving and that other (shopping) holiday- Black Friday. While some still find the tradition of going to the stores to shop all the discounts exhilarating, I am quite fond of Cyber Monday. The day you can sit in your PJs and order copious amount of goods online. Hashtag living!

But where does one begin with shopping both massive sales days? Great question. To easy the overwhelming feelings of FOMO, I’ll be posting frequently upon where to shop for what during the holidays for the best discount. So stay tuned for that! In the meantime, here are three tips you can do now to prep you for the mega shopping days.

Form A Shopping List

Just as you would for a grocery run, form a list of what you are looking to buy. This can mean stuff you personally want for your closet, like OTK boots or a new winter jacket. It can also be last-minute holiday gifts for friends and family members. Such as a candle set for mom or the latest gadget for your spouse. Make sure you know exactly what you are looking for and write it down to stay focused. These are now your goals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

 Create A Budget

Be realistic in how much you want to spend in total and on each person (item). Believe me, this will take off loads of stress when it comes down to paying for each gift. Write down the number next to the list of items you’re looking to get. Having a specific budget in mind will help prevent impulse buys as well as keep you on track in getting everything you set out for. In a third column (or at the end of the page), add a little wiggle room for that one incredible sales piece you must have.

Stalk Your Favorite Stores

This is where your amazing Facebook stalking tactics finally come into play. Instead of stalking your crush or arch nemesis, start investigating your favorite stores. My personal favorite is Nordstrom because of their free shipping and return policies. I also tend to fit well in their clothes. Another favorite place I find incredible holiday gifts is Anthropologie. For jewelry, I really love Bloomingdales‘ collection. Lastly, for technology I am a fan of Amazon– again the free shipping for Prime members is amazing.

If you have the chance, go in store to try on the items or see what they look like in person before Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This will guarantee you’ll get exactly what you’re looking for. That’s it! Simple steps that will make shopping Black Friday and Cyber Monday a cinch.

Let Me Know

Tell me in the comments below where you love to shop during the holiday sales and I pay extra attention to those stores when creating helpful sale guides!

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Fall Fashion Trends and Accessories 2016

It’s a new season, which means time to change up the wardrobe. To help, I’ve listed what’s trending this fall season, from clothes to accessories. Some trends, such as the off the shoulder tops, chokers, and ruffles have transferred over from Summer to Fall. While others, such as embellishments and blocked heels are newer style ideas that are gracing fall fashion.

Fall Fashion Trends

No one needs to wear every single trend that is popular, but it is fun to know what’s hot. It also opens doors to new ways to style old clothes. It is amazing how simple accessories can change the look.  Here is a short list of what’s popular this season, and what you’ll be seeing a lot of through winter.

  • Chokers
  • Bell Sleeves
  • Menswear inspired looks
  • Blocked Heels
  • Velvet
  • Metallics
  • Embellishments
  • Off the shoulder
  • Fall florals

It may seem like a lot but let’s break it down into easy pieces!

Style ideas

We already discussed bell sleeves here, but what about the rest of what’s trending? There are some  pretty sweet pairings happening with these trends, like ruffles and off the shoulder tops like this. Or Velvet chokers! There are some unexpected pairings that work perfectly such as menswear inspired looks and embellishments. Coach did a great job demonstrating this trend combo in their SS ’17 line. I personally love seeing block heels and metallics being matched. But see for yourself below:

What trend pairing do you like or would wear? Let me know in the comments below. In the meantime here are a few other fall trends I am loving:

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Denim Fashion

Fashion has been giving us a lot of throwback styles lately. We saw a surge in ‘70s style last year with the billowy silhouettes and vintage fabrics that are still holding strong on the trends map. The ‘70s weren’t the only decade to make a big fashion comeback. Enter the ‘90s, which brought us droves of flannel, chokers galore, and a modern look at denim on denim–something we never thought could be revived from the archives, but now ever top model is sporting!

Which brings me to today’s post: a feature on denim fashion that’s no longer an option for fashion enthusiasts, but a must. Denim has overtaken our wardrobes and made us fall in love all over again. Not only are we wearing denim jeans, but we’re wearing denim tops, dresses, and even headwear. There is no denying the denim trend, and below I’ll go over some of the best ways to wear denim this season. You’ll want to take notes.

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New York Fashion Week Must Haves

New York Fashion Week is here! Time to break out those heels, designer purses and cameras for an amazing week full of fashion. If you happen to see me during fashion week, I carry around a big purse. I have learned during  previous fashion weeks it is necessary to bring plenty of supplies. Because in the end, feet will hurt and nail polish will chip, and there won’t be much time to rest. These tiny accessories that you can throw into your bag will save you in the end!

New York Fashion Week Must Haves:

  1. Compeed! My best friend when it comes to heel protection. It lasts all day no and prevents blisters from wearing high heals.
  2. Bandaids. just in case you forgot Compeed, take a few bandaids for any other trouble areas shoes may cause.
  3. Nail polish remover wipes. The thing that bugs me more than no nail polish is chipped nail polish. I love these individual wipes that really do the trick.
  4. Bobby pins. It is amazing how you can easily transform your hair with a quick pin or two. Also helps keep flyaway strands in place.
  5. The number for closest beauty bar. There are plenty of stations and lounges around the city that will do touch up and hairdo for free. TRESemmé is one that will help a girl out with a quick hairdo. Just book an appointment before heading in.
  6. Chargers. Plenty of chargers for your phone and camera. Especially when you know it will be a long day.
  7. Change of shoes. Nothing feels better than when the last event ends and you can change into comfy shoes.
  8. Cards. Don’t forget to bring business cards for all the people you’ll meet.

At the TRESemmé Salon in Skylight Moynihan Station. With Stylist Nikki Fontaine

Enjoy Fashion week ladies!

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The History of Eternity Rings

Technically speaking, eternity rings have been around since 2000 B.C. in Egypt. The Egyptians felt that not even death could stop the bond of marriage so they invented a wedding ceremony as way of tying a union between two people. Egyptian archaeologists found rings carved from bones with beads or gems that went all around them. This was the very first eternity ring.

Since the first eternity ring, they’ve symbolized an ever-lasting love speaking to the couple’s relationship and commitment. They’ve become more popular largely due to the intricate design as well as their meaning.

Many couples believe each stone signifies a milestone in their relationship, from their engagement to buying their first house together to having their first child. More diamonds and gems the merrier!

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The Power Scarf

At the end of the day, accessories can completely change the feel of an outfit and while you might already have the staples for the season, a new trend is emerging on the streets of New York City. The power scarf. It is the latest way business women and trendsetters are accessorizing their look.

What is it exactly?
Women are taking either designer named scarves or patterned silk scarves and wrapping it loosely around their necks, shoulders or tied tightly around their purse handles. It adds a new dimension to any outfit with the least bit of effort. Plus, it is the ultimate power charm for a purse. Take a look at this creative way to incorporate a scarf into a crossbody!

Why are they awesome?
There are many reasons why this accessory is amazing. First, it is as simple as tying a knot. Here are three other reasons:

1) Worn as a shoulder or neck scarf it is the best and most stylish way to stay warm during those freezing office meetings. It is also light enough to wear in 90 degree weather, and small enough to pack away easily in a purse. Pretty cool, right?

2) It is the fastest way to update a favorite look. Take a simple white T-shirt and skinny jeans and add a beautiful silk scarf. You instantly have a new, chic look.

3) It adds class, power, and personality to a simple black dress. The LBD is a classic and perfect for nights. When you add a power scarf, it can turn that LBD into the perfect day look with your personal signature attached.

Total Tip!

When investing in a scarf, go designer and really up your game. Designer scarves will stand the test of time and leave a lasting impression. Don’t feel like paying the designer price tag? Check out Century21 or Nordstrom Rack for some incredible deals!

At the end of the day, accessories can completely change the feel of an outfit. What’s hot in your accessory closet this season?

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