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Daily fashion inspiration can be hard to find. Figuring out what’s trending, how to match pieces together, and overall styling tips just got easier now that Rock.Paper.Glam. is on Pinterest! Check out all of our fashion and beauty favorites in one spot. Follow along to grow your own knowledge of what’s happening in the fashion

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bauble bar

The Bauble Bar Experience

This past spring I made my first ever bauble bar purchase. Arriving promptly in my mail box was a white box with a lined hot pick interior. Wrapped in striped tissue paper was my beautiful new bauble necklace enclosed in a black jewelry pouch. Ever since then it has become my main gifting location. Sending

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wework soho

My Dream Design Team + WeWork

Ah Mondays, days best used to daydream about endless possibilities. Today I am pairing up with WeWork to dream up the ultimate fashion design team to co-habitat at one of their amazing office locations.  Before anything else, I have to tell you all about our awesome partner for today. WeWork is an international creative and profession space for startup genius’

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