Styled By Plan de Ville

Plan de ville style session

Last night I went to the Plan de Ville showroom in Manhattan. It is a very cute, all white room with racks of beautifully curated pieces. I felt as if I had walked into my dream closet. Catherine Smith, the founder and fashion director of Plan de Ville, was one of the first people to greet me at the door. It was the most genuine hellos I’ve had in a while. In such a busy fast past industry, I felt I was really appreciated being and acknowledge.

Catherine brought me through the showroom and answered several of my awe-inspired questions. Like what is the number one piece every woman should own. Her answer- a bodysuit! I couldn’t agree more. She then pulled this lace, bell sleeved bodysuit that was to die for.

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Life is About Perspective


Happy Monday everyone. Last week I talked about change and the ways that helped me move through transitions or tough times. I was amazed how many people really responded to that topic and thought that this week I would share about perspective. It is amazing how the world changes once we change how we see it.

Here is how I see life.  An excerpt from my personal journal:

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Seven ways to wear Velvet for Fall

10 ways to wear velvet for fall
Velvet has been a big trend this year and isn’t losing momentum. While some are afraid to wear the fabric in efforts to not look like a 90s costume, there are simple and easy ways to incorporate the trend that looks modern and effortless. Here are seven tips to style velvet for Fall.
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How To Deal With Change

dealing with change in a healthy way

First, I want to thank all the lovely comments and support while I have been away! I apologize it has been pretty quiet on the blog front last week. While some may know, I have been going through a lot of changes and it finally all hit last week. Since I begrudgingly admit I am human and the very normal feelings of fear, sadness, anxiety, and anger began to creep in- I decided to step away and take care of myself while finding my footing again.

While I just moved (which is a big milestone in itself) I also have been going through some massive personal changes. I won’t dive into it because I don’t want to hurt anyone else involved, but it really reminded me of what I would do when I faced these momentous points in life.

dealing with change in a healthy way

While today isn’t a fashion post, hang in there, I will have those soon enough. Instead, I want to share certain really HEALTHY steps I choose to combat the human feelings of fear, anxiety or feeling overwhelmed. While feeling feelings are crucial, constantly living in fear or sadness is not. This is what I found works for me.

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Best Places to Shop for Home Goods

home goods

If you have been following along on snapchat, you’ll know I just moved! Again! If you haven’t been following along (username: rockpaperglam) then let me brief you what has easily become one of the most stressful and intense past few months I’ve had in awhile. Basically, I was promised an apartment that fell through at the very last second. As in the day before I was supposed to move, I was told the place wasn’t ready. Then I was told, the place won’t be ready for two more weeks. Then that it wasn’t going to happen… Girl can’t catch a break! But lo and hold, all good things comes to those who wait are persistent in what they want.

I found my apartment with all the bells and whistles, and now it is time to decorate! I love this part of the process. Turning a blank canvas into a home. I’ve listed a few of my favorite places to shop for home goods that are budget friendly.


My favorite budget-friendly place to shop for home decor. You can still score designer pieces from Nate Berkus at a reasonable price. I was talking to my mom recently, and we both agree that the high end retails are producing the same quality as Target and other budget friendly places. Just an FYI, Target is having a huge 20% off on bed and bath! Woot Woot! I feel my luck changing.


TJ Maxx

Oh man, I can hunt for hours in TJ Maxx. This store is all about the details, which is why I love picking up a few cute home goods when I stop in. Great news, you can shop online for even bigger savings!


Crate & Barrel

Crate & Barrel is my favorite place to go roam kitchen goods. I can often find great prices on high-quality pieces to cook with. Check out these babies!

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