How To Prevent A Blogger Burnout

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It is beyond easy to have a blogger burnout. Or have a burnout in general especially as an entrepreneur or startup. There is a ton of work to do,  a lot of different hats to wear, and typically only one person to do it all– you. Without a large budget to start, many bloggers (self-included) are responsible for writing content, producing original photos, marketing, engaging in social media, networking, editing, and pitching to brands.

It is a lot.

What I found helpful to prevent a blogger burnout is incorporating balance and boundaries into my schedule. Think about it, what you are doing now has to last for years to come. If you don’t think you can withhold your current regimen for five years, then these tips may help!

So what does balance look like? Great question, this is how I create balance in my day to day life:

My mornings typically involve returning emails, running to the post office to fulfill Poshmark orders, and  working on social media. These can be draining activities so I make sure to rest before heading into my next task.

Afternoons are dedicated to creative writing. I turn my phone on Do Not Disturb and write whatever comes to mind. This time is precious to me! The whole reason I became a blogger is to write. It is not only work but also a form of creative expression. I gain a lot of energy from this part of my day. A perfect balance to my morning activities. If I have additional time, I tend to dream about where I want to take my blog and career.

Late Afternoons I follow up on additional emails, schedule social media, take meetings. This takes a lot of time and thought process.

Evenings I shut down around 5/6pm. Not because I a done working but I need time to decompress to start the day fresh tomorrow. Unless I have an event, which I will speak about in the next section, I enjoy downtime with friends, working out, or cooking.

Did you notice that through the day there is a balance of activities that were energy draining and energy giving? Try to include that in your own work schedule, and see how that impacts your mood!

As for boundaries, I have very specific set of rules that work for me. Similar to balance, take a moment and see what fits your lifestyle. Are you an introvert or extrovert? What gives you a boost of energy? Incorporate those activities into your schedule and create boundaries based on your own needs. This is what works best for me:

When it comes to events I have learned to select carefully. Prepping, traveling, engaging with new individuals, and meeting brand representatives requires a lot of time, energy, and money. As an introvert, I can easily drain and exhaust my body quickly. Therefore, I carefully select events based on the below information:

  • If it is a PR company without brands represented, I politely decline. I love PR companies, but I prefer working with brands directly and cultivating a strong relationship. I found that having a direct line of communication, I gain more valuable information, access to funding (aka higher quality articles for my readers to enjoy), and promotional info much quicker. In turn, I am able to provide faster, unique, and more useful info to my readers while using my time and energy efficiently.
  • If it has anything to do with alcohol, late night partying, or products that are not cruelty free- I say no. It doesn’t fit my lifestyle or brand image. They may be incredible events, but if I can’t promote it then I am doing a disservice to the brand.
  • When both parties will get something out of the meeting, I say YES! It doesn’t need to be monetary but I do need to get something for my time as well. It may be credibility, a direct line to a brand I want to work with, or something I truly want to experience.  When I am excited and happy to attend the brand can tell and it creates a more authentic post for my readers enjoy. It also creates a better work relationship. Bottom line, people want to work with happy and enthusiatic individuals. And being bored or tired at an event totally shows.

Other boundaries I have:

  • I take weekends off- no emails social media or posts. Instead, I enjoy leisure activities by myself, with friends, or family.
  • I take holidays. Yes, time off just like other people.
  • When I am with friends and family, I do not post photos of the events we are attending. That is my time with them and I respect that quality time immensely.
  • I begin working at 9am  and end at 5/6pm . If I have an evening event I take the afternoon off to rest.
  • I do not text or call anyone (even personal) after 10pm.

These simple guidelines allow me to keep up this work routine for years to come and have a fulfilling life. It also enables me to provide useful, engaging, and fun material that my readers will enjoy. Furthermore, this is a way I can keep healthy and strong relationships with companies, who in turn enjoy working with me.

Does this help? Would you like to read similar articles such as how I avoid writers block or what I do to decompress? Let me know in the comments below!

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Meet Ily Couture

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 3.34.15 PM

I cannot believe it has taken me this long to discover the cute online boutique, Ily Couture. The brand launched in 2011 and is bring chic pieces to consumers at an affordable price. Aesthetically speaking, it is totally up my alley with multiple staple piece and trendy accessories. I love their fun, simple yet sleek designs — like this off the shoulder top that I am drooling over!

It looks very finished without all the fussiness of traditionally trendy outfits. If I were to create a label, it would look exactly like ILY Couture. That say a lot!

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Red-Carpet Trends Making It to Proms In 2016


Image by Peaches Boutique

When I went to prom, it was a very different era. Back then there weren’t any Prom guidelines or blogs for us 17-year-old girls to reference! We hadn’t mastered our hair or makeup because Youtube wasn’t around. And our only real sense of fashion was what was being displayed in the windows of Short Hills Mall.  So we all kind of winged it. I wore a simple long black satin dress with a crystal drop necklace. It was pretty boring and pretty expensive.

Luckily times has changed and in the smallest efforts to get back that rather embarrassing moment, I thought I’d help out any future prom-goers with this simple trend outline for Prom 2016.

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New York, What’s the Rush?


When I first moved to new york I vividly remember sitting in a Starbucks on the corner of 49th and Madison avenue. It was pouring outside. I sat with my journal and coffee to write, but I was more fascinated by what was going on outside in front of me.

Men and women in business suits rushing in and out of buildings. Some had umbrellas, a few used the morning Times to shield their head from the torrential downpour. All were racing.

Normally I would regard the scene as a side effect of poor weather conditions. But this was a typical scene for New York. Business attired men and women shoving their way down the busy streets.

Where were they going? What was so important? I want to know the emergency!

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It Is Our Birthday, And We Are Expanding!

Looking for contributors!

May marks three years of Rock Paper Glam! And boy has it been a roller coaster of amazing times. There have been challenges, momentous experiences, new friends, new brands, and more than anything abundance of laughter. I cannot believe everything blogging has brought into my life, I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Leading up to today, I’ve taken time to reflect on what I want to accomplish this year. The first thing I began thinking about was all the silent rules that blogger are to follow. Those little nuances that have been stressing me out —  I took that list and tossed it in the garbage. Liberated by taking the limitations off, I instantly became excited all over again as if I was beginning the process from scratch. While I might not have a curate Instagram nor be on Snapchat, I will bring a ton of personality.

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